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Archaeological Thingamobobical 7: The Final Hour
The final chapter of the AT storyline. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete the images, so the remaining chunk of the story was posted with placeholder text in place of where the drawings would have been. Sorry, but it was either this, or leave the story in limbo forever. It was just too ambitious for its own good, I suppose.

Totino's Party Pizza: The RAU's Favorite Frozen Pizza!
A review of the cheapest store-bought pizza money can buy, with some comments from the RAU!

Adventures in Email #3: A Fistful of Dollars (And a Pocket of Strange)
ALERT! WE ARE NOW AT DEFCON 1! Comedians are taking over the internet! I repeat, comedians are on the move! This is not a drill!

Adventures in Site Tracking #16: R Domain is Your Domain
A visit from a domain that aims to put the "OCD" into the "HTML".

Adventures in Site Tracking #15: Spam and Eggs
More weirdos in the site tracker and an RAU conspiracy plot. What else is new?

Forum Archive Topic #11: Honen Gets Carried Away
Don't you hate it when the title of the episode gives away the plot?

Encyclopedia Globber
Mandor Globber is back and he demands justice!

Adventures in Site Tracking #14: Strange Tales of Plagiarism
Secret of Mana was right: Time flows like a river and history repeats.

Adventures in Site Tracking #13: I Am Error Article, Not an Error
Doesn't it seem logical that people should be able to read before they can use a computer? Apparently, not.

Adventures in Site Tracking #12: Googling Goons A-Go-Go
Another visit from the Shallow End of the Internet Gene Pool.

Mandor's Revenge
Mandor has a plan to clean up the Grimmora University. But will his new invention improve matters or wreak havoc?
First Appearances: Censorbot

Adventures in Site Tracking #11: StumbleUpon Sucks Part Deux
Quick! What do internet morons and 80's cartoon villains have in common?
First Appearances: Mandor Globber

Adventures in Site Tracking #10: F-U-S-U
Jack should be more careful what he wishes for.

Adventures in Site Tracking #9: Stooges in Stereo
I think people are trying on purpose to get into these sketches now. What else could explain it?

Adventures in Site Tracking #8: Chance is Real!
I managed to convince someone that Chance Tomasaro is real, and I wasn't even trying to.

Forum Archive Topic #10: In Soviet DHN, Forum Trolls YOU!
This is what happens when John Q. Internet attempts to mess with the professionals.

Adventures in Site Tracking #7: Avoid the Annoyed
Ten years of running this site, and only just now are my true colors emerging.

Adventures in Site Tracking #6: Somehow, Life Goes On
I sometimes find the weirdest things in my site referral reports. Hooray for the internet!

A Farewell to Forums
I'll see you again when the stars fall from the sky and the moon has turned red over Port Saiid.

The Overlord's Confession
Why I will never make The RAU Gallery into a webcomic nor ever consider it one.

Adventures in Email #2: One Really Lame Dude
Someone needs a little cheese to go with their whine.

Adventures in Email #1: Of Babies and Men
A tired-out, age-old internet argument rises from its grave, only to be beaten into the ground one last time.

Site Tracking Adventures #5: Internet Hypocrisy at its Finest
I'm not even finished the Archaeology storyline yet and already we have a great example of what its subtext is about.

Forum Archive Topic #9: Lost Chronicles
A collection of 10 shorts, previously lost in the depths of Port Saiid.

Forum Archive Topic #8: Whole Lotta LOL
I'm the most insane person on the internet, what can I say?

Archaeological Thingamobobical Part 7: The Final Hour
Nucleo, Image, and Honen pilot the Netscape Navigator down Port 22 in an attempt to return to their own time period. But will it all be smooth sailing? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to this epic 7-part miniseries!

Archaeological Thingamobobical Part 6: Stranglehold
Honen takes on his past self while Nucleo and Image confront the drones. Can they make it to the Navigator before the Anti-Virus program tears the directory apart?

RAU Gallery Gaiden: Technicolor Baguette
Christopher Paladin tries his hand at writing his own RAU Gallery sketch.

Forum Archive Topic #7: To Oni or Not to Oni
A little backstage forum fun results in yet more woe for Dr. Honen Calzoun as his species is called into question.

Archaeological Thingamobobical Part 5: The Road to Reflection
Nucleo and Co. have devised a plan to steal the Netscape Navigator program, which they need to return home, away from the Anti-Virus. But the path is blocked by drones and shadows of the past.

Archaeological Thingamobobical Part 4: Attack of the Drones
While Nucleo, Image, and Loro leave to deactivate the anti-virus system, Honen is left alone with Cirrus. He meets up again with Deuce Koma, but a fierce battle for survival ensues when they're attacked by a horde of anti-virus drones.

Archaeological Thingamobobical Part 3: The World That Time Forgot
A haywire anti-virus system now poses a new threat to the stranded archaeology team. Questions remain to be answered: Just who is the oni child, Cirrus? And is the lizardman warrior friend or foe?

Archaeological Thingamobobical Part 2: The Edge of Yesterday
Nucleo, Image, and Honen find themselves trapped in 1995, within a world of ancient web browsers and other shadows of the past...
First Appearances: Cirrus Razeena, Loro

Archaeological Thingamobobical Part 1: 20 Seconds to Nowhere
Nucleo's archaeology team is met with uncertain fate after making their latest discovery. Meanwhile, Cory is concerned about her parents being alone with their one-time archnemesis, Honen Calzoun.

The Aftermath of Arizona Jack
A complaint to about Jack's antics in the previous sketch has given rise to a new form of law...

Arizona Jack Strikes Back!
Jack Sheen joins forces with the Arizona Law Toons to bring justice to Grimmora!

Forum Archive Topic #6: Raisin' Toast
Thanks to the internet, poor Honen can't get away from his antagonists even when he's miles away.

Forum Archive Topic #5: Onilicious! (Parts 1 & 2)
Because this was done on the forums, it's out-of-synch with the series timeline. This probably happened sometime right after Annelidical Psychiatry and before Troubled Ties.

Forum Archive Topic #4: 256K Warning
At this point, the series has now had more references to the male anatomy than my high school biology book.

Forum Archive Topic #3: Nuts in Them There Hills
Never trust a mountaindevil in the kitchen.

Please Don't Take My Bubu Away
The overlord's car has a mind of its own, a fact which greatly bothers Chance.
First Appearances: Bubu

A trip to an abandoned message board proves to be a close encounter of the weird kind for Jack Sheen.

For the Love of an Oni
Honen is so conflicted over whether he should become villainous again that he's getting distraught. When he's reassured by Nucleo and when he sees the real reason Deuce has taken to him, will it be enough to make him stay?

Adventures in Site Tracking #4: The Moronic Motherlode!!
Bloggers who take it upon themselves to verbally trash me and my website, be aware that the door swings both ways (and trust me, I'm better at it than you.)

Playing With the Queen of Hearts
The only reason this got made is because several people wrote in to tell me the Juice Newton part of the last one was great.

Overlord Woes
People often ask me why I won't go to their forums. This episode pretty much sums up my experience with outside message boards. It's nothing personal. It's like the song says, "If I shy away it's only because, love's the internet's been a little bit hard on me".
First Appearances: Victor Markino

Troubled Ties
Deuce can't catch a break from Tomi's grouchiness and Honen's angsty antics. Honen's fear and uncertainty is about to get him into hot water...

More Pointlessness With Christopher Paladin
How far is too far when you're trying to push a psychiatrist's buttons? Never for Christopher.

Annelidical Psychiatry
Preston's explanation for how he became the school psychiatrist.
First Appearances: Nexis Fried

In Case of WTF, Break Glass
Honen's penchant for getting into situations way over his head results in the most screwed-up sketch to ever appear in this series. Half-naked onis and elves depicted.

Forum Archive Topic #2: The Forum Comedian
There can be only one forum comedian...and it is Chester Hallet!

Forum Archive Topic #1: Why, Oh Why is There Pie?
The only argument involving pie that did not end with someone getting hit by one.

Adventures in Site Tracking #3: Phish From a Pond
The RAU's response to being accused of identity theft.

The Great Forum War Part 4: The War Against ErniePants
An epic final battle against the Pure Evil. The power of prayer worked in Final Fantasy 4 and EarthBound...will it come through again?

The Great Forum War Part 3: Honen's Vacation
Meanwhile, Honen has gotten lost after the overlord sent him on vacation and has ended up in a time paradox of his own...
First Appearances: Leona Starling, Wildclaw

The Great Forum War Part 2: Battles in Time and Space
It's a battle for the universe against an opponent who has learned much from playing time-traveling RPGs.

The Great Forum War Part 1: No Suit, No Service
A network suit threatens to hit The RAU Gallery with a ton of citations for breaking 80's children's television codes. But all is not as it seems...

A Review of Bee 52 (With Special Guest Nicolas Cage)
This is the best and only review of the NES game Bee 52 that you'll ever need.

The RAU Grand Finale?
The overlord threatens to end it all after receiving complaints about this site section. Can Chance's hastily-thrown-together eulogy change her mind?

The Most Pointless RAU Sketch Ever
Like mentor, like student.

Clash of the Clichés
The classic 80's mind-switch episode!!
First Appearances: Jaeger Dunlin III

Deliberate Insanity
If you've played Eternal Darkness...this sketch won't make much more sense anyway.

Starcrossed Destinies
Honen is stressed out over his job, Robin is stressed out over being stuck in her demon form. Will a chance meeting help put their minds at ease?

Hazy 80's Daze
The results of growing up in the 80's and believing everything you see on TV.

Taura in Wonderland
Taura and Robin take a trip down memory lane as they catch up on events with everyone around the school.

One Giant Leap for Mankind
Sesa's team finds the trail of the stolen moonbuggy, but it leads them to a dead end. Only one man can help them now...
First Appearances: Sesa Markino, Taura Asa, Ogrin Dovekie, Kado

Moonbuggy Love
The moonbuggy project is well underway, but Raymond's paranoia could spell the end of it.

Party of the Century
Professor Crow loses control when Lickinightmare's in town!
First Appearances: Crow

A Visit With the Overlord
This is what the overlord has to put up with on a daily basis.
First Appearances: Deuce Koma

Nonsense War
When an old forum nonsense poster is let loose in the school, only the power of 80's rap music can stop him!
First Appearances: Samantha, Tomi Forrester, Kiini

The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts
A parody of the 2005 Ezboard Hacker Attack leads a team of explorers on a voyage that goes absolutely nowhere.
First Appearances: Aurora Taglisa

Best Enemies, Worst Friends
Nucleo and Preston are concerned with the mental stability of Honen and Chester. The question is...who's worse?

Dr. Honen Calzoun Teaches a Class of Breath of Fire 2 Cats
The greatest moments of Breath of Fire 2 and Shadowgate brought to you the way no other website could.
First Appearances: The Overlord FO

Study Hall Blues
A power outage interrupts some study hall fun and games.
First Appearances: Robin Calypson, Talon Kyradius, Zumo

Fixing the Table
Even after 10 years of authoring this site, my HTML skills still need work. Nucleo and Honen to the rescue!
First Appearances: Lizaki, Image Arcane, Honen Calzoun

Ancient Secret Desert-Elf Magic
Preston takes it upon himself to blow the doors and windows off the fourth wall of this inscrutable series.

Grimmora X Geo
This is probably the most fun I had with playing Legend of Mana.
First Appearances: Cory McRaven

Plan Nucleo From Outer Space
Nucleo's mind for marketing comes up with a winning plan! (But not according to Chance...)

Nucleo's Greatest Discovery
After years of careful study and research, Nucleo discovers something that the class can't quite agree with...
First Appearances: Raymond O'Malley, Calico King, Preston Abirok

What is Yuku? (Baby, Don't Hurt Me, No More)
Nucleo's class discovers one of the many wonders of Ezboard's new message board system.

The Beans in the Beanbag Chair Are Not For Eating
Nucleo is irate over a forum prank and demands to know who was responsible, much to Chance's chagrin.
First Appearances: Jack Sheen

Adventures in Site Tracking #2: Perhaps I Was Born Too Soon
Christopher proves that no experiment is too hazardous to perform in the name of science and discovery!
First Appearances: Lukyan Degorah

Adventures in Site Tracking #1: Of Hypocrites and Fire Eyes
Our tale begins with the RAU commenting on whether or not my site is funny...sort of.
First Appearances: Christopher Paladin, Nucleo McRaven, Chance Tomasaro, Chester Hallet

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