The Overlord's Confession

FO: *sigh* ~grumble~
Chance: Allright, who'd you run your mouth at this time?
FO: No one. I decided not to take it that far.
Chance: And who was it with?
FO: Chance, I want you to understand something. The reason I made this section was to be a huge middle finger in the face of the entire rest of the internet.
Chance: Everyone knows that. It couldn't be more obvious without a giant middle finger on the front page...
FO: Except we actually did that once.
Chance: Well, maybe if you changed the page's title to something like "The Middle Finger of the Internet".
FO: Been there, done that, too.
Chance: What was the point of this again?
FO: The point is that I will never make this into a webcomic. Not, so help me Skiva, as long as I still live.
Chance: Well, that's a relief.
FO: The problem is that webcomic fans, even fans of good ones, are just as bad as gamers. It's the same no matter where you go. You think you may have found some individuals whom you just might be able to get along with and see eye-to-eye on...but then it turns out they're just as bad as everyone else.
Chance: What happened, exactly?
FO: Within two days of posting at a popular webcomics board, I was sent a rather "unpleasant" email from a "Lizeth Marry" who demanded I remove all my posts from the forums and never come back. I'm not even sure what brought it on, except that the person seemed to have difficulty understanding me about the dates of some pictures I posted. I posted some pictures of myself from 1993 and some from 2008. He asked me to post some from the years in-between, so I did. Instead of being satisfied with that, he got really angry with me, as though he did not believe the pictures I posted were from within the past 7 years. I clarified that they were, and he got even angrier. And then "Mother Bear Syndrome" started setting in at which point I bailed.
Chance: Sounds like a real loser. Is something like that even worth getting angry over?
FO: People don't actually want to use message boards to have intelligent conversations and communicate with people. So of course, when they get angry over something, it's over something insignificant. It's all their brains really know.
Chance: Is this why you're having difficulty finishing the AT storyline? Is it because you're not very optimistic? Have the drones taken over the system and you feel there's no escape from it?
FO: Maybe. That's a little bit of it. It makes it all the more important that I do finish it, though...
Chance: Why, may I ask, do you even keep going? Is it for yourself? For Port Saiid? On priniciple?
FO: I still believe, Chance, that there is always hope that there are people who aren't complete assclowns out there, and I have to be that ray of hope for those people. Who else will be?
Chance: I guess it's good for us that you are. Still, wish there was something more I can do to help...
FO: Which reminds me of something else, Chance, that I think you should know. This is going to be my last ever appearance in this series.
Chance: What?! Y-you're kidding, right??
FO: No, it's time for me to go.
Chance: B-but why?? The show can't go on without you...
FO: I don't like the idea of having a self-insert character in this series. That, and Gordon's been doing a fine job directing without me. You guys have come a long way since the first Site Tracking Adventure. I think you've all grown enough to get along on your own now. You don't need an Overlord.
Chance: Alright...I understand... But can we at least do one more musical tribute before you go?
FO: Yeah. I think only the words of Toni Tennille could capture how I feel right now. Roll it.

The Good Songs

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Lord, I just can't make it tonight
Too many things today just didn't go right

And I just can't get that glow on
I just don't think I can go on tonight

Lord, it's getting too close to 9 pm
And I'm gonna have to do it all again

And I don't know where it's gonna come from
If ya got some good news, I could use some tonight

But then I feel the lights in my eyes
And endless faces looking at me

And I hear their cries, make us happy tonight
Bring us music, give us light

And I just start singing

I lift my voice and the love comes tumbling out
I feel a trembling joy, I feel a joyous shout

And I keep on singin', I keep on singin' the good songs,
I keep on singin' the good songs

And when it's done, I feel so weary
Could a sun feel as tired when it's set?

Yet though I'm tired I feel so peaceful
It's hard, but I have no regrets

Because I just start singing

I lift my voice and the love comes tumbling out
I feel a trembling joy, I feel a joyous shout

And I keep on singin', I keep on singin' the good songs,
I keep on singin' the good songs

I lift my voice and the love comes tumbling out
I feel a trembling joy, I feel...

...a joyous shout!

And I keep on singin', I keep on singin' the good songs,
I keep on singin' the good songs

Grimmora School Juice Bar
Nucleo: Chance...? Chance, are you alright, friend?
Chance: Eh. Yeah. Overlord's gone or some shit. What's up with you?
Nucleo: What? FO is gone? Are you serious? Why?
Chance: Said it was time for her to move on and that we'd have to run the show by ourselves now.
Nucleo: Well, don't look so down about it. She'll continue the fight in her own way, I'm sure.
Chance: Yeah, you're right. It's just gonna be a little odd without her for awhile, I guess.
Nucleo: It will, but we'll survive.
Chance: True, true. Just wish telling myself that would make me feel better.
Nucleo: Say, wanna go troll some forums with me and Honen?
Chance: Will they be webcomics forums?
Nucleo: Hmmm...maybe.
Chance: Alright, I'm in.




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