Moonbuggy Love

Samantha: Hey, Christopher! ... Hey, what's wrong?
Christopher: ...I am so wasted...
Samantha: Wasted? From the party? But you didn't even drink anything with alcohol in it.
Christopher: Carbonated soft drinks have the same effect on desert-elves.
Samantha: Oh, come on, that can't be right.
Christopher: Well, it's true. Damn.

Am I just that far out of it, or does the dead White Mage sprite look like a burrito?

Samantha: You're right. It does.
Christopher: Ugh. What a headache. Now I know how Nucleo felt all those times I tried getting him to wake up off the floor.

Samantha: Wow. That must be a really old picture.
Christopher: What makes you say that? Do I look a lot younger there?
Samantha: No. Just more screwed-up than usual.
Christopher: Well..the Overlord was only about 11 years old when she drew it, so I guess it's not too bad for that...except that the floor appears to be slanted.
Samantha: The professor has really long claws when they're fully-extended. Didn't know that before.
Christopher: You're telling my shirt sleeves. That's probably not the best view of him, either.
Samantha: It is if you want to see the bottoms of his paws, I guess...What's up with your left eyeball?
Christopher: Oh, that's just my lazy eye. So, is there something you wanted to ask me?
Samantha: Well, if you're feeling up to it, I could really use your help in the lab. Raymond said he'd help me earlier, but so far today, he's a no-show.
Christopher: Certainly! I've got nothing else to do today...but I've just gotta wonder what happened to Raymond...

FO: Okay, so what's your problem today?
Raymond: Chance was being mean to me. =(
FO: Chance wasn't purposefully being mean to you. He just doesn't want you treating Talon like a Chinese vampire.
Raymond: Well, now I'm scared of both of them. =(
FO: Why didn't you follow through on your offer to help Samantha in the lab? Chance and Talon run the library and the gym. They wouldn't be anywhere near the lab, so you wouldn't have to be around them for awhile.
Raymond: I can't. I'm scared of Samantha, too. I only agreed to help her because I was afraid she'd beat me up if I didn't.
FO: You really need to talk to Preston about these fears, Raymond. I'm not a psychiatrist. He could help you better.
Raymond: I can't. I'm scared of him, too.
FO: ... Oh, give me a break. Of all the people in the Grimmora University, Preston is the least scariest. That's like being scared of Niles Crane.
Raymond: You mean you don't think Niles Crane is scary? =(
FO: *smacks forehead*
Raymond: He wants to eat me.
FO: Niles Crane does not want to eat you.
Raymond: No, I mean Preston. I think Preston wants to eat me.
FO: ... Do I even want to ask what would give you that idea?
Raymond: He's over 7 feet tall. Just like that Lo Pan guy.

I just know that if I go into his office alone, eyebeams will come out of him and then he'll eat me. =(


#1: Lo Pan didn't eat people, either.

#2: Preston's close to being 7 feet tall, but he's certainly not over it. He's a desert-elf. They're tall. That doesn't make them eyebeam-shooting cannibals.

Raymond: It just looks like Preston and Aurora want to eat Nucleo in this picture.
FO: Adults always look like that around little kids.
Raymond: So you think they do want to eat him? =(
FO: Would the fact that Nucleo's still alive be proof enough that they don't? Look, you're driving me nuts and I have other people in line. If you're that scared of Preston, go to Nucleo. He's not a psychiatrist or therapist of any kind, but he's usually willing to listen to people and he's Preston's best friend. He could ease some of your worries better than I can.
Raymond: But what if he bites me? =(
FO: *thunks head onto desk* ...Why did I have to revive this series? Why?

Christopher: So tell me again what this moonbuggy project is all about.
Samantha: It's all part of a larger plan Lizaki, Deuce, and Tomi have been working on. Lizaki will shuttle the moonbuggy to the moon where it will be able to explore the surface using remote control and videocameras. Deuce and Tomi are hoping to eventually construct a radio tower up there that could signal their home planet to send a rescue team.
Christopher: Cool. I hope they succeed, but I sure will miss them if they ever do leave.
Samantha: Yeah. I know what you mean. But I'm glad I'll still have you.
Christopher: Thanks, Sam. I'm glad I'll always have you, too.
Samantha: Speaking of which, maybe it's not such a bad thing that Raymond didn't show. I get to spend more time with you and, no offense intended to him, but you're more, um..."competent" than he is.

Nucleo: I'm sorry to come to you like this, but I'm a little concerned about Raymond. He came to me earlier and said you wanted to speak to me about...biting people?
FO: *sigh* Is that what he told you?
Nucleo: He said, "Excuse me, Professor, but the overlord said I should speak to you". Then I said okay and asked what you wanted. He stumbled backwards a bit, yelled "don't bite me!", and ran off while what appeared to be a shower of rice and beans flew out of his shirt.
FO: Raymond is having trouble getting along with people in the school because he's afraid of everybody. He won't even go to Preston because he's scared of him, too. I asked him to go to you instead, but I see that's not going to work since he's afraid you'll bite him.
Nucleo: Hmm...I've got it! He hangs around with Jack a lot. I'll go ask Jack to talk with him about this. Does that sound good?
FO: Yeah, I suppose. Sorry about the rice and beans mess in your office.
Nucleo: Oh, that's okay. They were delicious.
Cory: Excuse me, Amadeus?
Nucleo: Hey, Cory, what's up?
Cory: I don't know how to explain this, but it's Zumo...
Nucleo: Zumo? What's wrong with Zumo?

Zumo: So what do you see in old musclehead, anyway?
Image: You mean Nuclee? Depends on what he just ate.
Zumo: Uh, no, that's not what I mean...look. Don't you think you and I would make a great couple?
Image: ...a great couple of what?
Zumo: You know! A great couple. You and I. Tying the knot.
Image: want me to tie you into a knot? But why?
Zumo: Ugh. Look, honey. You and I are made for each other. Everyone can see that:

I mean, just look how cute we are together.

Image: Okay.
Zumo: Okay? So you agree?
Image: Of course. I'm cute no matter what I'm doing.
Zumo: ... but what about us?
Image: What about us?
Zumo: What about us goin' out together? You know? Hittin' the road. Seein' the sights. Paintin' the town redder than your hair and my backside.
Image: That sounds like a lot of work. Where would we get that much paint?
Zumo: ...

Are you sure Cory is your kid?

Nucleo: *ahem*, Zumo?
Zumo: Ga-hah! Um... Soooooo....professooorrrr...what's up?
Nucleo: You wouldn't happen to be hitting on my wife would you?
Zumo: Dear me, no, oh perish the thought. What would make you say that? I mean, she's not even my species.
Nucleo: Okay, well, because you know, I wouldn't hurt you if you were.
Zumo: R-really?? You wouldn't??
Nucleo: No. I'd simply go tell Honen and ask him to deal with you.
Zumo: Oh.'t you just like...bite me instead?
Nucleo: I don't bite people under 99% of circumstances, okay?
Zumo: Raymond said you do.
Nucleo: Oh, for crying out loud.
Image: Nuclee, will you go for a walk with me?
Nucleo: Of course I will, dove. ...Zumo, just watch yourself, okay? I wouldn't want to see you get kicked out of here.
Zumo: Sure! Anything you say, Professor.


... it just my imagination, or is there a huge shadow growing on the ground around me...



Zumo: Mrmmph!!! Hrmmph!!!
Raymond: See that, Mr. Sheen? I caught the giant worm under a huge pile of rocks and dirt. It'll take him several hours to eat his way out. Let's make a break for it while he's stuck.
Jack: Uh, Raymond, I don't think that was necessary...Well, it was pointlessly hilarious cartoon violence, but still...unnecessary.
Raymond: Don't be silly, Mr. Sheen. I know that if you don't get rid of the giant worm that's blocking the hallway, it'll kill you instantly, and you have to give him what he wants to eat so he'll let you through. Well, now that he's out of the way, we can safely head for the lab.
Zumo: I am a fruit-eating worm you nitwit!!! I don't eat rocks and dirt! Now get me out of here!
Jack: I think maybe we should get going. Later, Zumo.
Raymond: Hurry, Mr. Sheen! Let's go!
Zumo: You can' can't leave me here like this. Get back here!


Preston: By Leohtiss...What's happened here?
Zumo: ??? Hey, gimme a hand here, willya?
Preston: Oh dear! Hold on. I'll get you out of there.
Zumo: *huff* *huff* *gasp* Air! Light! I'm saved. Hey, thanks, man.
Preston: I knew we shouldn't have taken down that "Watch For Falling Rocks" sign.

They said it was crazy to have it in a school hallway, but the moment you get rid of it, look what happens.

Zumo: I think it's more because no one could actually tell what that sign is supposed to mean. It could also be "Disintegrating Wile E. Coyote Tunnel Ahead". Anyway, it was O'Malley. He dropped a ton of rocks and dirt on me because he thought I would eat it. You're the psych. Can't you do something about that lunatic?
Preston: I would like to, Mr. Zumo, but every time I get near him, he throws waxed fruit at me and runs away.
Zumo: it the good kind?
Preston: I wouldn't know. I don't eat the stuff. I have a whole box full of it in my office. It's yours if you want it.
Zumo: Really? I am so there!
Preston: Zumo! Look out!
Zumo: Tha hell was that???
Preston: I think it was Lizaki's moonbuggy...
Zumo: They could have at least animated it.
Samantha: It would've been animated if it was finished, but that damn Raymond suddenly showed up in the lab and took off in it! We have to stop him.
Christopher: Man, what has gotten into that guy lately?

Image: I'm sorry, Nuclee. I didn't realize that's what Zumo was doing. I thought he was just trying to trick me into helping him with his painting chores.
Nucleo: It's okay, m'love, I know how sneaky he is. He's not a bad fellow, but you gotta be careful around him. If he does it again, come right to me, okay?
Image: Nuclee! Look out behind you!
Nucleo: Hm? ..Whoah!
Image: Nucleo, what was that?
Nucleo: A badly-animated car.
Image: There's been more and more of those lately. The roads aren't safe anymore.
Nucleo: Yeah. You'd think that would cause a tire blowout before long, which could lead to all sorts of dangerous traffic situations...
Image: They should find who's driving it and take away his license.

Jack: I have to confess, Raymond, I'm not too fond of this idea. Where exactly are we going? You're not even driving on the road anymore.
Raymond: Roads, Mr. Sheen? Where we're going we don't need...roads.
To Be Continued...




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