Party of the Century

Crow: I suppose you are all aware of why I called this meeting today. I'll start by getting to the most immediate problems, and...Crimony! Will somebody please wake up Mr. Forrester!
Deuce: Get up, you lazyass! *BONK*
Tomi: Ouch! I'm awake!
Deuce: Try to stay that way.
Tomi: Next time, try using your hand instead of your gun.
Crow: Ahem, okay, Issue #1: A floating size-changing cat was let loose into the ventilation system. No one seems to have any idea where this cat came from or how it got into the building. Is that correct, Mr. McRaven?
Nucleo: Yes, that's right, Professor Crow. I simply don't have any idea.
Crow: Do you think your wife might have an idea?
Image: The only thing I know is that I love my Nuclee!
Crow: That's what I thought. Okay, Issue #2: The possessed rice balls and umbrellas. Can anyone tell me anything about those?
Robin: Excuse me, sir, but I have a question. Why are we holding this meeting in the library? It's a big enough library allright, but gets a little cramped when all of us are in here at once.
Crow: The reason we are here, Ms. Calypson, is the very reason I'm holding this meeting. Our auditorium appears to have been taken over:

Christopher: Awesome!
Crow: I'm glad you find it amusing, Mr. Paladin. But we've already lost the west wing, part of the lab, and now the auditorium. And speaking of the west wing, I have still yet to receive a full report of that incident. Dr. Calzoun?
Honen: I told you, I dunno. Everyting happened so fast.
Crow: Mm-hm. Yes. A guy who has a known history of constructing robots capable of massive wanton destruction has his class suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted and subsequently blown apart by a highly-destructive "robot bunny" that he knows *nothing* about. Am I understanding you correctly, Dr. Calzoun?
Honen: Exactly.
Christopher: Charge admission to the auditorium rave party. Use the proceeds to pay for the damage repairs. Problem solved!
Crow: Mr. Paladin, the more you talk, the less I like you.
Preston: Actually, that's not a bad idea. I wonder how much people would be willing to pay to see that...
Crow: You, be quiet.
Preston: You do not like me, do you?
Crow: Gee, I have no idea what would make you think that, Abirok.
Preston: You haven't liked me ever since I did that psychoanalysis on Nucleo that didn't result in concluding he would turn into a vicious bloodthirsty monster.
Crow: The jury's still out on that.
Preston: It's been 32 years. I may not be right 100% of the time, but I think it's safe to say I called that one.
Crow: These things take time.
Preston: Do you want me to actually do my job or just be your yesman?
Aurora: Please, gentlemen, let's not be arguin' amongst yourselves when we have more important matters to be addressin'.
Preston: Yes, Ms. Taglisa...But I still say he doesn't like me.
Chester: Oh, dudes...sorry, I'm late...
Robin: Not that it needs to get anymore crowded in here, but where have you been, Chet?
Chester: Well, I would have been here on time, except that there's this awesome party going on in the auditorium, and, dude, I sort of lost track of time.
Lukyan: Do they have drinks with the little paper umbrellas?
Chester: Dude, no, but if you request it, my talking umbrella's friends will sit in your drink instead.
Lukyan: long as it's got alcohol in it, I'm going. See you flunks later.
Robin: *sigh* I'm sorry, everyone, but I've always been slightly claustrophobic and now that I've got these huge wings, it's even worse. I have to get out of here. Chet, I'll go to the party if you'll come with me.
Chester: Oh, course, my lady love. After you. Bye dudes!
Image: Nuclee, can I go, too?
Nucleo: I suppose. But just take it easy. You react kind of weird to having too many drinks. Fire magic + alcohol = extremely volatile combination.
Image: I'll be careful. Will you come, too?
Nucleo: No, I'm not much of a partygoer. I think I'll just head back to my study and grade some papers.
Cory: I'll come with you, Amadeus. I need you to help me with some homework.
Nucleo: Oh, sure, Cory. No problem. Please excuse us, Professor Crow.
Crow: Wait..wait..what, what...where the heck do you think you're all going? We still haven't finished discussing...
Jack: Last one there's a piece of ass toast!
Lizaki: I wouldn't have said that if I were you, I can shortcut through the air conditioning!

*scuffle* *scuffle* *thwoomp!*

Crow: You just get back here, you stupid good-for-nothing...
Christopher: Later!
Samantha: Christopher, wait up!
Honen: Just where do you think you're going, worm?
Zumo: Oh, c'mon!! You don't expect me to stay here with the buzzard when the Party of the Century is goin' on.
Honen: No...but I at least expect you to wait for me.
Zumo: Oh, well...I guess I'm not that embarrassed to be seen with you. C'mon.
Deuce: WAKE UP! We're going.
Tomi: Oh, what? Going where?
Deuce: To the party, now let's go.
Tomi: Oh...HEY! I'm comin', I'm comin', you don't have to drag me...
Raymond: I don't know what's going on, but I think I'll go, too. I don't want to turn into a piece of "ass toast". =(


Chance: ...
Talon: Chance...
Chance: You're too young to be drinking, Talon. (Yeah, I know so are Jack and Christopher, but I'm not responsible for those two.)
Talon: I wasn't going to ask that. I just wanted to request the rest of the day off so I can get caught up on homework and maybe draw some more.
Chance: Oh, yeah, that's okay. You deserve a break. And so do I. I've been so tired lately I fell asleep right in front of the overlord. Hey, Crow, be sure to lock up the library on your way out. I'll see you later.
Talon: Thank you! >)
Crow: ...
Aurora: ...
Preston: ...
Crow: ...
Aurora: *cough* Well, maybe I should be goin' back to my quarters, too. See you lads later.
Preston: ...
Crow: ...
Preston: ...

You don't like me and you know it.

Crow: Shut up.




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