One Giant Leap for Mankind

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Preston: Okay, Mr. Forrester, I'm going to show you a picture and you tell me what you see. Ready?

Tomi: Raymond O'Malley being gutted by a rhinoceros.
Preston: Interesting. Next?

Tomi: Raymond's head exploding.
Preston: Next one:

Tomi: Raymond dying a horribly painful and prolonged death.
Preston: Mr. Forrester, I'm starting to notice a pattern here.
Tomi: Congratulations, Sherlock, you win the grand prize! That bastard is singlehandedly responsible for ruining my chances of returning to my home planet, and you wonder why I'm so infuriated lately.
Preston: Mr. Forrester, I'm sure the moonbuggy will be recovered eventually, and even if it isn't, you built it once. You can do it again.
Tomi: Some of the parts were made from the remains of our spaceship and Lizaki's spaceship. It'll be nearly impossible to get replacements on this planet. And I doubt there's any chance we could recover it undamaged, assuming Raymond drives as well as he articulates.
Preston: Why do you want to return to your home planet so badly, Tomi? Is there a specific problem you have with living here?
Tomi: It's not so much being able to go home as it is being able to travel the galaxy again, huntin' down wanted criminals and going on adventures. I'm a mercenary. I belong out there. Being a security guard/repairman at this school just isn't cutting it for me.
Preston: I see. That's understandable...
Tomi: And I really don't need you to tell me that I should learn to live a normal life here and love it!
Preston: Uh, Mr. Forrester...
Tomi: You can call me crazy all you want! That doesn't mean I am!
Preston: Mr. Forrester, I'm not saying that...
Tomi: You psychos think you're all so smart and know everything about everyone and that one solution fits all, but I'm here to tell you that you can shove up it up your big...Oh wait a minute...

*scrolls back up*

*scrolls back down*

You agreed with me, didn't you?

Tomi: Eh-heh! Soooo...How about this weather we've had lately?
Preston: *cough* Tomi, two things. #1. Calling you crazy for wanting to pursue your life's passion would make me a hypocrite considering the fact that that's the very reason I had to move from Aridia to Grimmora. #2. Watch it with the "psycho" comments, okay?
Tomi: Neh...who am I kidding? You have to be a little crazy to want to do this line of work.
Preston: Same here.
Tomi: Really? Whoah...we've agreed twice in less than an hour. That's gotta be a new world record...and hopefully not cause for another universe implosion.
Preston: Tomi, I'm just trying to help you...and maybe spare our furniture the wrath of your reoccurring spontaneous human combustion in the process. But I certainly don't think you're crazy. Just a little short-tempered.
Tomi: *slumps*

I still think Deuce and I should go out looking for that stolen moonbuggy.

*beep* *beep*

Oops, I'm being paged.

Deuce: Tomes, you there?
Tomi: Yeah. What is it, Deuce?
Deuce: I've got good news...sort of. Sesa's team has picked up on the trail of the moonbuggy's tire tracks. They're following after them now.
Tomi: Good. Now why don't we pursue after them?
Deuce: If the shrink will release ya, we'll go.
Preston: He can go. I never even had him under watch.
Tomi: Gimme a minute, Deuce, I'll be right there.

...I feel a scene transition coming on...

Sesa: Okay, everyone, the tracks go this way. We're probably not that far behind them. Follow after me and try to keep up!
Taura: This is ridiculous. How are three people on foot supposed to catch a moonbuggy?
Ogrin: You neak up on it, of course!
Sesa: *halt*


Taura: *halt*


Ogrin: What?...What are you two staring at me like that for? I'm positive that's the answer.
Taura: ... That only works with a unique rabbit, you ogre.
Ogrin: But I'm pretty sure you catch a moonbuggy the tame way.
Taura: ...

Ogrin: What??
Taura: *sigh* ...I can see this is going to be fun...

Sesa, what are you doing on the ground?

Sesa: I'm trying to calculate the distance the car has gone and the speed it's going. I'll need to get out my calculator...
Taura: ...Oh we go...
Ogrin: ???
Sesa: Ah, here it is!

...Oh, wait, no, this is the wrong one...

Ah, ah-ha! This one! wait that's not it, either.

Hmm....other pocket, maybe?

Ha! Nope...uh, back pocket! Back pocket!

Ogrin: ....
Ogrin: ...uh...
Sesa: Okay...boot, show me the calculator!

No, ain't that one, either...

Whoah...definitely NOT that one.

Ogrin: How long is this gonna go on?
Taura: Sit down, big guy, I'm gonna need to use you as a head rest.








Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope...

Taura: *yawn* *blink*


Sesa: You know what? I think I left it in my other pair of pants.
Taura: Sesa, can't we just get back to following the tracks?
Sesa: Well, we can't because, you see...they go right off this cliff.
Taura: ...

Ogrin: Hmm...too steep to climb down.
Sesa: Only one man for this job.

Hello! I'd like to order a large mushroom pizza and it better be here in 10 minutes or no tip.

Taura: ...What?


Kado: Hey! One of you order a pizza?
Sesa: Kado, long time, no see. I need your help.
Kado: Sesa! Old friend! Fellow tiger pirate! Hahaha! What can I do for you, huh?
Sesa: We think someone in a moonbuggy drove off this cliff. Can you tell us if he could've made the jump to the other side, or do you think he plummeted to his doom?
Kado: Ah-ha...yes...hmmmm...I see. I'll find out. Stand back!
Taura: Sesa, what the hell...?


Ogrin: ...
Sesa: ...


Do you suppose he's allright?

Taura: Look! Down there!

Sesa: I guess we should go down there and help him.
Taura: How?
Sesa: I'll get out the hooks and try grappling down.
Ogrin: Haw! That sounds like a good plan, mate! *SMACK*
Sesa: Ogrin! Noooooooo!!!

Ogrin: Oops...


Chance: Well, I have to confess, it is nice to see you again, Sesa...even if it means you'll be staying in the infirmary for awhile.
Sesa: Ugh. My head. I'm just sorry we couldn't retrieve the moonbuggy.
Chance: Don't worry, Deuce and Tomi are on it.
Sesa: It blows my mind that it could've made the jump across that chasm if Kado couldn't.
Chance: It was specially-designed to leap large craters, so I guess that explains that.
Sesa: Oh...damn! HERE it is...
Chance: What?
Sesa: My HP-15C calculator. I thought I lost it but it was here all along. I forgot about that hidden pocket in my vest.
Taura: In other words we could've avoided wrecking Kado's car and your skeletal infrastructure.
Sesa: Yeah pretty much.
Taura: Irony, how cruel thy be.
Chance: I wonder where Raymond and Jack are now...and where they're headed...

Raymond: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.
Jack: Hit it.




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