I'm beginning to think that I enjoy doing this so much that I'm willing to pick on even the easiest of targets now.

Site Tracking Adventure #15, December 22, 2009

Okay, so someone found my article on my favorite video game box art and complained that the first few entries are "gay anime shit". With some exceptions, I'm not the world's biggest fan of anime art either, so fine, I can understand someone feeling that way about it. What I don't understand is what exactly he's referring to because his wording makes no sense.

Here's the link to that page on my site:

The article has not been altered in any way. It's exactly the same as it was when Mr. Ragnar found it. According to him, the article "starts" with "anime shit", but as you can see, the first two boxes are Adventure (Atari 2600) and Aidyn Chronicles (N64), neither of which use anime style, and weren't even made in Japan.

Then he says to "scroll down a couple boxes". A couple = two, right? So scroll down two boxes and you get to... Albert Odyssey 2... And isn't that the "gay anime shit" he's referring to?? I don't get it.

Either he doesn't know what a "couple" is, or he doesn't know what "anime" is. I don't know which. Maybe it would have been best if he had said to scroll down to a particular game title so that... Err, okay, what am I doing? Why am I wasting my time with this? After 15 of these things I'm seriously still expecting people on message boards to make sense? Maybe that makes the least sense of all.

And speaking of not making sense...

What the hell is up with spammers putting links to their sites in other people's site tracking systems? The three I've highlighted there are all sites that, when clicked on, take you to a site or blog that's advertising some product or service, but does not have any actual link back to

Is this really an effective form of advertising? We all hate it when spammers post links like this on message boards and comments systems or send emails, but at least you can understand the logic behind it - a lot of people will see it when they read the board/comments, and everyone checks their email all the time.

But how many people seriously check their website statistics every day as religiously as I do?

How many people these days even have personal websites like I do?

It's most likely a spider from the site leaving the marks in my tracker, but that doesn't make it any more worthwhile, especially since it's usually easy to tell what links are spam and what are legitimate, and I won't click on the spam.

Comments from the RAU Gallery:
Talon: Okay, I'm going to ask this because it hasn't been mentioned yet, but does Ragnar really think that the only reason people liked video games in past decades was for the box art??
Sesa: I think he means that tongue-in-cheek... I hope...
Honen: Aren't we supposed to get paid for advertisements on zis site? We should send those links a bill for being displayed here.
Sesa: Well, we used to get money for ads, but Engineezer Scroog canceled our account.
Honen: Engineezer...Scroog?
Scroog: That's right. Uh, uh... We canceled your account, because, uh, uh... you pose a risk to our advertisers, yeah, that's it. And uh, uh... you complain too much, and uh, uh... Humor sites suck, and uh, uh... You didn't give some game we liked a 10/10, and uh, uh... you smell, and because...
Sesa: Because the near-simultaneous events of Michael Jackson's death, the release of the Transformers 2 movie, and the Ghostbusters 3 video game all caused this site to take a huge spike in hits, and you're refusing to pay us the money for the extra ad revenue we earned that month?
Scroog: Uh, yes, I mean NO!! I mean, ye..., NO! Uh... uhh... it was because of click fraud! Uh, uh, yeah. You generated those clicks yourself. And uh, told the people on the forums to do it, uh, yeah. That's what it was.
Talon: Buuuuut, according to our statistics, you're the one who is mostly responsible for sending us that traffic. People found this site by searching those things on your search engine.
Honen: Ze people on ze forums all use ad blockers. They don't see ze ads on zis site anyway.
Sesa: And we didn't tell them to click anything. I don't like being paranoid, but evidence suggests a conspiracy is going on here.
Christopher: Hey, guys, what's up? ... OH! There's my missing rubber monster mask!
Scroog: WAIT!! Don't touch that you sniveling little... keep your hands off my...!
Scroog: EEK!!
Mandor: Of course it's me, you childish buffoons! I represent the FOUM MOUN! I am the King of the Blogosphere, the Czar of the World Wide Web, the Emperor of the Information Superhighway! I AM THE INTERNET!
Talon: Why do you want to put us out of business so badly? It's clear you don't fit in here, but you make no effort to try. Why not find an appropriate hive of scum and villainy and leave us alone?
Sesa: He was planning to replace our site with a giant WikiBlog.
Mandor: What?! How did you know about that? Were you snooping around in my personal notes?
Sesa: No. The evidence was in our site tracker:

People found your plans by searching for it and left the telltale mark.

Honen: What ze hell's a WikiBlog?
Mandor: You FOOLS! Websites are a thing of the past. Geocities has fallen and you are next! A new age of golden blogs and amber wikis is upon us. It will stretch longer than longcat and Oolong the Pancake Rabbit combined! It will rock harder than Rickrolling! It will be over 9000! All your base are belong to us!!
Christopher: O RLY?
Mandor: YA, RLY.
Sesa: Mandor's hoping a site that combines both wikis and blogs would make a lot of money in his perceived dystopia.
Mandor: Exactly! It would have been the BEST SPECTACLE EVER! Blogs where people discuss wikis and a wiki to explain every blog! And I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for that... meddling elf!
Christopher: That WikiBlog thing sounds more rockin' than the Rockin' Kats, yo, but I think I'm gonna go down a box of Snausages and work on setting up my elaborate Rube Goldberg contraption to catch that vampire that's been haunting the belfry lately. I'll go twofers with anyone who's interested.
Caramel: Eeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!
Christopher: LOFL! Seat taken! Catch you when the needle prods the tree-climbing vines, well-wishers!
Caramel: RoorooroorooROOOOOOOOO!
Mandor: I leave you with this warning, hooligans: Today, the RAU Gallery, tomorrow the Secret of Mana Oddities page!
Honen: We never got much money off your shitty ad service anyway.
Talon: ... Call me dumb or uneducated, but I don't have a damn clue what just went on here. My head is spinning.
Robin: Don't let it get you too down, Talon. We'll wrap things up with a little more sensical nonsense. Roll it in 3, Gordon!

Crawl and 1000's Greatest Hits

(If you'd like to set this to music, click above.)

Crawl and 1000 vs. Actual Search Strings

Come dancing
Come on sister, have yourself a ball
Don't be afraid to come dancing
It's only natural

Come dancing
Just like the palais on a Saturday
And all her friends will come dancing
Where the big bands used to play

Talon: Catch you when...the needle prods the tree-climbing vines... Needle prods tree-climbing vines...
Sesa: I know. Christopher has a really weird way of saying he'll see us at Four O'Clock.
Talon: Um... Oh! Now I get it.
Sesa: Heh. Took me awhile to figure that one out, too. ... Still don't know what an Elfy Waffle is, though. Maybe I should just break down and ask.
Preston: Don't.
Sesa: Okay.




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