Nucleo's Greatest Discovery

Nucleo: Class, I have an important announcement to make today. After years of careful study and research I have concluded...

...that I am cute!

I think I just might be the cutest moutaindevil in the world.

Chance: You're starting to creep us out.
Chester: Dude, you know, he does kind of look like a bear...
Nucleo: Really? Most people say mountaindevils look like cats.
Chester: Bear, dude. Definitely bear.
Nucleo: Are you sure?
Chester: Most positively, dude. Now that I think about it, you look almost exactly like my Uncle Jasper and he was a bear.
Raymond: You know what?

I'm cute, too. :)

Christopher: Sorry, to butt in, guys, but I have an urgent message from Dr. Abirok:

"Allright...which one of you kids put my arm on backwards??"

Raymond: It wasn't me. I don't know how to put an arm on backwards. =(
Christopher: Oh that I think about it, I think that was actually me who did that. I did the same thing to my right hand once, and it took about a week to go back to normal. Good thing I'm left-handed or things could've gotten really messy. Sorry about that, Preston!
Raymond: Could you show me how to do that sometime?
Christopher: Sorry, fella, I don't think you can. It's an ancient secret Desert-Elf technique that goes back thousands of generations.
Raymond: Oh, I see. =(

But at least I'm still cute.

Nucleo: As am I.
Christopher: You know, now that I think about it, I'm not so bad-looking, myself. What do you guys, think?
Chance: Oh for God's sake...STOP IT! All of you!
Chester: Dude, I've been told I'm like a massive heart-throbbing 10 on the Sexy-O-Meter.
Chance: Although this is coming from someone who is probably not qualified to judge where a man would rank on the..."Sexy-O-Meter", I can still say with utmost confidence, you're not.
Chester: Oh, dude, well, that's just as well, because I don't have any idea what any of that means, anyway.
Calico: Rorr, ro ROW! RorararRO! ROWR! RorrorororROAOAROARRR! Row! Row! ROAR. Roro.
Chance: What???
Nucleo: He said there's a fish in the oven and the time is 3 o'clock.
Raymond: I have cute little wiggly toes.
Jack: Oh, come on, now, we all know that I'm the cutest person in this party.
Lukyan: Oh, puh-leez. You people couldn't hold a candle to my Adonic magnetism if it was in a 10-foot-long candleabra.
Chance: I think I'm going to be sick.
Raymond: Wiggly toes... =(
Nucleo: I have cute toes, too, you know.
Raymond: But you only have six toes. I have 10.
Lukyan: No, you have 11.
Raymond: What? 11? Don't be silly. >=(
Lukyan: You have 11. I can prove it. Hold up your foot.
Raymond: Okay...
Lukyan: (*counts each toe*) 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...(*points to the other foot*) and five more is 11.
Raymond: Well, I'll're right. =O
Preston: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have a matter of utmost importance to discuss...
Chance: Oh, God, not you, too. Now I think I will vomit.
Preston: I regret that the very act of me walking through the door makes you vomit, Mr. Tomasaro, but I really need to ask if any of you can help me get my arm back on straight. I have a self-help class to teach in a half an hour.
Jack: Self-help class? I thought that's what this was.
Chance: Well, you people could certainly use it.
Nucleo: I confess that the distinction between my job and Preston's job becomes a little more hazy each day.
Christopher: Dr. Abirok, I think I can help you with that. I'll see you guys later.
Preston: Splendid! I apologize again for my interruption, and Mr. Tomasaro...I will attempt to get my profile picture changed to a less vomit-inducing one upon my next appearance. Have a good day.
Calico: RorrorororROAOAROARRR! RORORO! RorararRO! ROWR! GROAR!!! ROW! Roro. Rorr, ro ROW!
Chance: What???
Nucleo: He said, "Cranberry Sauce".




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