Plan Nucleo From Outer Space

Nucleo: I have an idea...

100% Edible Bean Bag Chairs!

This would be a most inspiring invention! A bean bag chair that is 100% edible, with real beans on the inside.

We could sell them as miniature versions and full life-sized edible chairs that you can sit in. Imagine waking up in a comfortable bean bag chair and not even having to go to the kitchen for breakfast.

So, who's with me on this?

Chester: Dude! Count me in! That sounds awesome.
Christopher: Wait, what kind of beans would be in them? And would there be different beans in different packages or mixed beans or what?
Chance: Don't encourage him.
Nucleo: You're just jealous because you didn't think of it first. And they can be any kind of beans you want, my dear protegé. We could also create a line of bean bag chair desserts that are filled with custard or pudding instead of beans.
Chance: Yeah. I can't at all imagine why I wouldn't have come up with the idea of food that sits on the floor and gets eaten after you've been lying around in it for awhile.
Nucleo: Fine. Don't complain to me when you don't get any share of the profits.
Chance: Don't you have some pottery to dig up, you delusional little old man?
Nucleo: Hmm...I'm thinking we could make chair covers out of giant pancakes...or maybe crepes.
Chester: Dude! One time I bought a beanbag chair, and Robin jumped into it and disappeared and it was three days before I saw her again.
Chance: Why does that not surprise me?
Nucleo: Because of the time he lost her inside a bread box?
Chance: I pray for her whenever she uses the bathroom.
Nucleo: I know what else we could make! Giant edible sleeping bags!! Imagine sleeping inside a giant stuffed burrito with all of your favorite fixings. And when you wake up, you can just eat your way out of it.
Chester: Cool, but maybe we should stay away from making them big enough to fit two people. If I lost Robin in a giant burrito, I wouldn't want to accidentally eat her, you know...
Chance: That is the most disturbing mental image I've ever had in my life. Thank you.
Chester: Dude, you're welcome!
Nucleo: I have another idea!
Chance: No that's allright. No more ideas for you, professor. Too many in one day will overheat your little horned skull.
Nucleo: Okay then, let's break for lunch.
Chance: Just so long as it isn't burritos or anything with beans in it.
Christopher: I filled an ottoman with clam chowder.
Chance: *sigh* Bon appetit.




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