Archaeological Thingamobobical Part 6:

In the last episode of the RAU Gallery, Nucleo, Image, and Honen had succeeded in infiltrating the Netscape Navigator folder, only to find it swarming with hordes of Anti-Virus drones. Nucleo and Image opted to fight off the drones while Dr. Calzoun tries to get the Nestscape Navigator program under control. However, the Oni scientist's path is cut off by an all-too-familiar shadow of his past - who now wishes to fight him in a duel to the death!

Honen (95): You die now, old man.
Honen: You kill me, you destroy your own future.
Honen (95): I've had quite enough of your mind games.







Honen: GLUH-HGH!!

Honen: Eee-yahhhhh!!! ... *Huff* *Huff* ...
Honen (95): ...
Honen: *Ulp*...hai...
Honen: ...Rosalyn... *cough*...
Honen (95): Hm, hm. You know, I am taking greater pleasure in zis than I expected.
Honen: *cough*... *hack*... What?
Honen (95): Ze Onis should have listened to me. Iz because of your antiquated reasoning dat you all exterminated by ze magical demons. Perhaps you deserved it.
Honen: If dat's how you feel, then kill me. Destroy your future. Destroy everyone. Let ze mindless drones inherit ze world.
Honen (95): Shut up. Iz over for you.




Nucleo: How are you holding up, Im?

Image: I'm fine, Nucleo. They don't seem to be too affected by magic, but my arrows are doing the job.
Nucleo: Noticed that awhile ago. Seems they can adapt their defenses to...HEY!!!
Image: Nuclee?
Nucleo: Let...go... of that... AAGH!!

Nucleo: **SCREEEEEEECH!** Im!! HELP!
Image: NUCLEO!! Get offa him, you bastards!

Nucleo: Ergh... Dammit to...bloody hell...Ouch!
Image: You allright?
Nucleo: I'm fine.
Image: Are you sure? You're bleeding everywhere.
Nucleo: It'll heal.
Image: Nuclee... They've stopped coming. Maybe we'd better catch up to Honen now.
Nucleo: Absolutely. Uh...

Image: Nucleo, what's happening?
Nucleo: The directory is coming apart!
Image: Did Loro start the uninstall?
Nucleo: I didn't call him yet. I think...the anti-virus is so desperate to keep us from reaching the internet, that it's destroying the folder. We've gotta go...
Image: I just hope Calzoun's got that ship ready. What's taking him so long?

Honen (95): Time to end your suffering.
Honen: ...





Hee-yah! *SMACK!*



Honen (95): Hmph. You have quite ze fight in you, old man, but I'm afraid iz not good enough.
Honen: *huff*... *huff*... *cough!* Even if Leona waz still alive... *huff*... she'd never respect you.
Honen (95): I know what you are trying to do. You think dat by talking about Leona you can anger me to ze point where I can no longer focus on my fighting skills, but dat will not work. I know your game, und I am more than qualified to beat you at it.
Honen: She would not respect me, either. It wasn't meant to be...
Honen (95): Hm! Hm! Hm! You are beaten, old man. Ze ship and ze world are mine.
Honen: ... *cough* I could tell you ze truth... about why I work with McRaven... but I know what you will do. Either I don't tell you and you kill me now. Or I tell you and you'll make sure events dat made us friends don't occur... Either way... ze person I am now will die...
Honen (95): ?? Enough with ze annoying talk! You die now! GYYYRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!

Honen: !!!
Cirrus: ...
Honen (95): What ze...?
Honen: Cirrus!!! What are you doing here? Get out of here!
Cirrus: ...
Honen: Cirrus, you don't understand! Zis Oni iz crazy! I am too injured to fight! I can't protect you from him!
Honen (95): ...

Honen: What you doing?? Get off of me! Now iz not ze time!!
Honen (95): ... Iz zis girl...your daughter?
Honen: No, she's not, but...

Honen (95): Zis sword...

Honen (95): Are you... Dante Razeena...?
Honen: ... What?
Honen (95): You must be... Been so long since I've seen you, I forgot what you looked like...Heh. But it would explain everyting. How you knew about Leona, und why you act so crazy...
Honen: No. You mistaken. She iz not my daughter.
Honen (95): You don't have to pretend she's not your daughter. I am not going to harm her. Why you not just say who you were? Would've saved both of us load of trouble.
Honen: .... umm... ! ... because... I've been in hiding... and, umm... didn't want to reveal who I really waz... and... waz hoping maybe I could make you understand...
Honen (95): Yes, yes, yes, okay. I figured it out in less time than it takes for you to stutter it out. Look, I let you und your daughter go for now, but be fair warned: If we ever cross paths again und you are still standing in ze way of my plans in any manner possible, I crush you. Got it?
Honen: .... okay... I suppose... But I cannot let you have zis ship...
Honen (95): Just go before I change my mind.


Honen: Crap! Zis place iz falling apart! Cirrus, we must hurry...
Honen (95): Ce qui dans le monde? Agh!!


Honen: Gyah-hah!!!
Nucleo: Honen!!
Image: Cirrus?!

Nucleo: I gotcha, friend. Are you all right?
Honen: Professor, I am fine, but my past self iz in trouble...
Nucleo: Im, get them to the ship. I'll take care of this and catch up.

Honen (95): Professor McRaven?? Get away from me! Don't you DARE touch me!!
Nucleo: C'mon, Honen, give me your hand.
Honen (95): I'd rather die than accept assistance from magical-blooded cur!!
Nucleo: If you let me help you today, you can live to crush me another. Does that make enough sense to you?
Honen (95): How 'bout I do both...without your help.

Honen (95): Giyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
Nucleo: Honen! No!!
Image: Nucleo!!
Nucleo: .... uh... Dammit! Coming, Im.

*Click ~ Click ~ Click*

Image: Stupid ancient technology, but I think I've got it ready for launch. Sorry, I'm not the best pilot in the world. I just hope those few lessons I took from Robin will get us through this.
Honen: So, professor, what happened?
Nucleo: I'm sorry, Honen. He refused my help and plummetted...
Honen: Ah, iz okay. He'll survive. One thing I've always been iz survivor.

... Stand aside, fireball, I am taking over zis ship now.

Image: What!? You can't fly this thing in your condition!
Honen: Yes, I can. Now move into ze co-pilot seat. I am better at zis then you. Iz not meant to be insult, but iz ze truth. I'll get us out of here...

*~Crack~Crack~Crack -- Ka-BOOM!*


Nucleo: I think you better get going quick, Honen.
Honen: Yes, yes, we are ready! Firing thrusters...NOW!!


Honen: Hai-che-ya!!! Ze anti-virus has us tangled!!!
Nucleo: *CLICK!* *BEEP!*

Loro!! Start the uninstall, now!!

Loro: I can't find Cirrus anywhere.
Nucleo: She's with us. Just start the uninstall. She'll be okay.
Loro: ... Allright... Starting... now...


Nucleo: Are we loose?
Honen: We have lift-off, Professor!! We're outta here.




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