Fixing the Table

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Nucleo: Okay, Lizaki, I've fixed the table. Now tell me if it looks allright to you.
Lizaki: Damn, I think the text is still down a bit too far.
Nucleo: No, yours is, but mine isn't. Set your vertical alignment to top.
Lizaki: Ah, thanks. I think that did it!
Image: Hey, guys, whatcha doin'?
Nucleo: Fixing the HTML tables. We were notified that on certain screen resolutions, the dialogue on the previous sketches would sometimes mess up and be difficult to follow.
Image: Oh, I see...Nuclee, does my picture look allright?
Nucleo: You look as beautiful as the day I first met you...of course, you look about the same as you did when I first met you due to the fact that fire elves don't physically age as fast as other races once they reach young adulthood, and also because of the cryogenic effect of being close to Karma for six years...
Image: Eh, Nuclee...
Nucleo: Uh, yes, dear?
Image: Ixnay on the science lesson.
Nucleo: Sorry. I get carried away sometimes.
Lizaki: Yeah, besides, I'm the scientist around here.
Image: ...why did that text drop down like that?
Lizaki: Because I'm on the ceiling.
Image: Oh, I see...I've noticed that Preston hasn't aged much either.
Nucleo: No, he has. He's just using a picture from when he was younger as his avatar.
Image: Oh...I, um...what?
Nucleo: It's best not to ask.
Image: ...
Nucleo: you think I should do the same thing?
Image: No. I like you just the way you are.
Nucleo: Oh, thanks, my sweet dear.
Lizaki: Uh, look, you know I think I'll leave you two alone for awhile. Seems like you don't need my help anymore, anyway.
Nucleo: But aren't you going to come down from there first? The exit's that way...
Lizaki: No, that's okay. I'll leave through the ventilation system. Catch you later!
Nucleo: Okay, but just be careful not to exit through the shower room when Crow's in there again.... So, m'love, do you like our tables?
Image: I like you.
Nucleo: Thanks, I like you, too, but what about the tables?
Image: What about you?
Nucleo: Uh...what about me?
Image: Do you love me?
Nucleo: Of course I do. I just wish I had your opinion on the tables, is all...
Image: What do you think of them?
Nucleo: Well, I think they look okay, but I'm not sure. That's why I'm asking you.
Image: If you like them, I like them.
Nucleo: You can have your own opinions, you know?
Image: I just love you.
Nucleo: *sigh*
Honen: Moodozvon! Balvan! Dubiina! Opezdol! Ebanashka!
Nucleo: Great Skiva, Honen, what happened to you? You're soaking wet.
Honen: Stupid lizardman scientist came out of ze heating system when I was in ze shower and scared bloomin' crap outta me....Am I...interrupting someting here?
Nucleo: That's a new look for you, isn't it?
Honen: What, ze "soaking wet" look? Are you trying to make fun of me, professor?
Nucleo: No, I mean the black outfit with the red trim. That's new for you, isn't it? Looks nice.
Honen: Oh, that. Yes, yes, I suppose iz new. Will look good when I crush you magical-blooded creatures with my latest inventions, no?
Nucleo: Yes, it sure will. Hey, maybe you can help me out here. What do you think of the tables?
Honen: Ze tables? Appears to be made of fine hardwood oak...possibly cedar. I could conduct a test if you like.
Nucleo: No, no, I mean the HTML tables. I heard that on certain resolutions the text in these sketches would get messed up and it would be hard to follow the dialogue.
Honen: Oh, those tables, yes. I see now. They look...okay. We can put them to ultimate test! You and I battle right now! See how well they hold up under ze pressure!
Nucleo: *shrugs* Okay, if you insist.
Image: Nuclee...
Nucleo: Oh, it's okay, Im. We've done this a million times before. Just sit back and watch.
Honen: Are you ready, professor?
Nucleo: Ready when you are, Dr. Calzoun.

Image: Nuclee, what the hell is going on?
Nucleo: I dunno, but I think mine's winning.
Honen: I have to confess, professor, zees are some good strong tables you've made here.
Nucleo: Thanks! I take a lot of pride in my work.
Image: Um. Allright. But can we stop this insanity before Crow or someone walks in and sees it...
Nucleo: I'm not sure what we can do besides send it up the ventilation shaft.
Honen: Dat, I leave up to you two to figure out. I have world-conquering to do. See you later, professor. Next time we meet, I crush you.
Nucleo: Goodbye, Honen. Thanks for your help.
Image: ... you have some really strange friends.
Nucleo: Hm? Oh, they're not so bad, really...
Chance: DAMMIT TO LORD DRAGO!! I was just in the shower and a fucking cat came out of the air vents and attacked me! Then it grew to enormous size and walked off into the air. Yeah, that's right. Walked right in the middle of thin air. Do you two know anything about this?
Nucleo: Uh, Mr. Tomasaro, no, but uh, one thing I do know is that you're a lot taller than me and the view from here isn't too good right now.
Chance: Oh, yeah, sorry, should've brought a longer towel.
Image: *sigh*




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