A collection of Miscellaneous RAU Gallery-related articles that don't go in any other section.

Some deleted and alternate scenes from the AT storyline on an unformatted page. Because of the nature of how I rewrite things, I don't normally have deleted scenes, and in most cases, I delete/change them for such good reasons that I wouldn't want anyone reading them. But the AT storyline was a little different, so think of this as like a "DVD Bonus Feature", if this was a DVD.

A collection of RAU photoshops created primarily by Crawl, myself, and other community members that I wanted to archive, but don't really fit anywhere else. Though some of the original image files have been taken from various sketches, most of these have not actually been used for a sketch.

If you have any questions about this site, they may be answered here. I also offer some suggestions for writing your own cartoon/comedy series if you're interested. I think I came across a bit authoritarian on that issue, but remember they're just my suggestions. Take 'em or leave 'em, it's up to you.

This is a direct link to the RAU Gallery portion of the Dreams Archive on my main site, though it looks as though I haven't updated it since 2009. Just a small record of dreams related to my characters that I've had over the years. I'll add more eventually.

A list of tropes for The RAU Gallery based on the website, TVTropes.org. If anyone familiar with TV Tropes wants to send me more of these, I'm willing to accept them.

This is part of the "Switched at Birth?" section on my main website. This 3-part entry features characters and people who look specifically like RAU Gallery characters. Most of these were unintentional, but a few actually were sources from which I had drawn inspiration, whether subconsciously or on purpose.


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