Starcrossed Destinies

Preston: I thought you didn't want to speak to me until I had this whole avatar situation straightened out.
Honen: I'm willing to try anyting at zis point.
Preston: Have you ever considered taking a vacation, Dr. Calzoun? You're constantly buried in your work. That's why you're getting stressed out.
Honen: I don't like having fun.
Preston: Well, there's your problem. Learn to relax.
Honen: What would you suggest?
Preston: ...Hmmm...the thought's just occurred to me that I haven't been on vacation in so long myself that I really don't know what to suggest.
Honen: Really? How you deal with ze stress of your work?
Preston: I don't really get stressed out. Maybe it's an advantage of being a desert-elf. We're generally a rather mellow race.
Honen: Hmph. I'm told I'm rather highstrung for an Oni.
Preston: Well, Dr. Calzoun, if you want to know my opinion, I personally feel that with the exception of these occasional outbursts, you're adjusting remarkably well to your new life here. Perhaps it's too much for us to expect you to completely change your ways overnight.
Honen: Dat's what scares me. =(
Preston: What scares you?
Honen: Don't want to get too comfortable here. I have mission in life to accomplish yet. I helped Professor McRaven and his friends defeat Droma and Zimosa because they were common enemy. But now dat threat iz over...
Preston: And do you really think that killing every magic user in the world would solve all of your problems and make you happy?
Honen: ...
Preston: You didn't even kill Robin when you had the chance, and that was before you agreed to help Nucleo.
Honen: I...still don't know why I didn't...
Preston: Because you're not really a genocidal maniac.
Honen: Then...what am I? =(
Preston: Frustrated. Misunderstood. Depressed.
Honen:, no, I remember now. I didn't kill earth-demon girl because I was too sick. Dat's it!
Preston: You could've had Torque and Flune do it even if you weren't capable.
Honen: It was bronchial infection. I couldn't voice commands.
Preston: You were capable of explaining your situation to Nucleo.
Honen: Torque and Flune were programmed to respond to my voice only, but it was too hoarse to be recognized at ze time. Professor McRaven obviously does not need my voice to be normal to respond to it.
Preston: Now, you're just in denial, Honen.
Honen: have magic, don't you?
Preston: Yes, I have some. It's not particularly powerful, though. It did save me one time when Aurora attacked me...
Honen: Why would Professor Taglisa attack you? Aren't you friends?
Preston: Long story, but it wasn't intentional. When Karma gave the order to Sol to attack Aridia and wipe out all the desert-elves, the shockwave reached all the way to Grimmora. Somehow, Aurora temporarily fell under his control and received the command, too. And, well, I happened to be the only desert-elf present...
Honen: See? Dat's why I feel magic-users are too dangerous! Even ones dat aren't bad can be easily turned into weapons.
Preston: Which is the main reason we should be grateful that the elemental gods were all either defeated or returned to their own dimension. And surely you understand that we couldn't just kill Aurora. It wasn't her fault.
Honen: did not worry dat it might happen again...
Preston: Aurora's dedicated her life to educating and civilizing magical beings so that they would use their powers wisely. To kill her for something that was beyond her control...She's more than worth the risk. And...
Honen: have feelings for her?
Preston: Ummm...what?
Honen: Oh-ho! I strike nail right on head! You do, don't you?
Preston: Now, wait just a minute here...
Honen: Now, who's in denial, doctor?
Preston: I really don't know what you're talking about. Aurora's a good friend, and I do have a certain love for her, but she's my mentor...
Honen: Ah, don't worry. Your secret's safe with me. may not be safe with others, as I figured it out long time ago and maybe they have, too.
Preston: ...*sigh*...maybe you really are evil...

Wait, what do you mean you "figured it out a long time ago"?

Honen: Oh, just someting about ze way you act when you're around her. It's subtle. But there.
Preston: Is it really that obvious?
Honen: Why you not tell her?
Preston: I'm her former student, Honen. And's just a small crush I've had on her since childhood. Nothing really unusual about that. Except that because I've never moved away, I've never had a chance to get over it.
Honen: Just tell her, you silly desert-elf.
Preston: No good would come from that. I don't want to destroy our relationship. And Crow doesn't like me as it is. He'd look for any excuse possible to have me tossed out of here.
Honen: Who cares what he thinks? No least not as far as I can tell.
Preston: Dr. Calzoun, can we please turn our attention back to you? I can deal with my emotions. I'm more worried about you right now.
Honen: I think maybe I'm feeling better now. Maybe I'll take dat vacation like you suggested.
Preston: You're not taking it on your island, I hope?
Honen: Oh, no, of course not. I don't want to die of bronchial infection. At least not anymore. I go see ze Overlord and ask her to send me somewhere for awhile.
Preston: Okay. Sounds good. I wonder when she'll have my new picture done...
Honen: Maybe I'll ask her and let you know...and maybe having picture closer to your real age will help you out with Aurora, no?
Preston: Dr. Calzoun, have a nice trip.
Preston: ...

*soupir exaspéré*

Robin: Chester, can I ask you something? Um, Chester? What the hell are you doing?

Oh, Robin, it's you...hold on just one second, I'm perfecting my new technique.

Robin: I probably don't want to know...but it worries me when you dangle the Sundial in front of yourself like that.
Chester: Why would that bother you?
Robin: Because you're going to hypnotize yourself again. The last time it took us two weeks to convince you that you're not a transistor radio.
Chester: Oh, don't worry about that, Robin. I've got things...under...control...this time...whew...feeling kinda drowzy...oof!
Robin: Chester! ... Wake up! *slap*
Chester: Oh, what...dude...I mean, Robin...thanks for the catch. And, don't worry! I know I'm not a transistor radio...although for a brief moment there, I thought I might've been a remote car starter, BUT I'M OKAY NOW!...dude...
Robin: *sigh* What am I gonna do with you?
Chester: Uh, well, you could just hold me like this for awhile. I wouldn't mind.
Robin: You are singlehandedly keeping the Dudeacopter going.
Chester: That's awesome! I'll have to ask if I can borrow it sometime.
Robin: Well, no one would make a better pilot AND fuel source for it than you! So, will you come with me to see FO?
Chester: The Overlord? Uh, well, why do you want to see her?
Robin: I want to request another picture of me in my human form so that I'm not stuck like this all the time.
Chester: I see. aren't feeling sad about it again, are you? I don't want you to be sad.
Robin: Maybe just a little. But I could deal with it more easily if I had my human form available to me. It's just nice to be human once in awhile.
Chester: Okay, I guess that's understandable. But please don't be sad because it makes me sad when you're sad and I don't want to be sad, and, well, I really don't want you to be sad either. Because then there'd be two people who are sad and that'd just be sad. Okay?
Robin: Uh...okay. I think...


Chester: Um, yeah?
Robin: If I had looked like this when you found me...what would you have done?
Chester: Um, what do you mean? Unless being in that form would've somehow made you less cold, lost, and hungry, than I would've done the same thing.
Robin: I'm sorry, Chester. I didn't mean to imply that you'd refuse to help someone in need just because they're not human, don't think you would've been a little startled?
Chester: Uh...I was pretty startled anyway. Not sure I could measure it and tell you if I could've been more startled or not. Oh, wait, dude! Actually, the one time I was more startled was when I was flying that ship that belonged to Dr. Lizaki...

And I almost flew right into that giant Moai head. That was right before the picture of me in my avatar was taken. Dude! I should probably ask for a new one from FO while we're there, too. Why don't we get going?

Robin: Okay, but why do you want a new one?
Chester: Well, don't you think I look rather ridiculous responding to everything with pure terror? And the band in my hair looks kind of like a giant earring due to the displacement from the wind. Oh, wait, I just remembered. At least two other people are ahead of us in line for new pictures. Shouldn't we wait until FO's done with them first?
Robin: Well, the way I see it, if she hasn't started on them yet, we can make our requests and have them added. That way she can do them when she draws the others. Don't you think that's a good idea?
Chester: I suppose...I'm a little confused...but, dude...what can I say? I always am.
Robin: That's why I love you so much, Chet. C'mon, let's go!
Chester: Whoah, uh...I can walk...
Robin: I know. But we'll get there faster if we fly!
Chester: Dude! Ain't gonna argue with that!

Honen: Hmmmm... *checks watch* Hmmm....*taps foot* Wonder what's taking so long?

Ce qui dans le monde?

Robin: *fwoop* *land*

Phew! That was a long trip. Time to put you down.

Chester: Dude, whoah! *thud*
Honen: What are you doing here with dat hillbilly, earth-demon girl?
Robin: Honen, do you have a difficult time remembering people's names or something?
Honen: Ech...nevermind. You're ze whole reason I'm here.
Robin: O-kayyyyyyy, that makes a whole lotta sense.
Honen: If you hadn't flown to my island when I was sick, I would have died and not have to worry about all zis mess!!
Robin: Your gratitude is appreciated.
Honen: Hmph! I didn't ask for your help.
Robin: I didn't actually help you. At least not directly. If anything, you sort of helped me.
Honen: I was too sick to crush you, dat's all it was.
Robin: Yes. It was that strange rare disease that causes one to draw their sword, hold it above their intended target in a pose ready to strike, and then relax and put it back into their scabbard.
Honen: I still have dat sword with me you know, and I'm all better now...
Robin: Why can't you just admit that you did something nice for someone? You know what your problem is? You have Napoleon Complex. That's what.
Honen: What?! Say dat again you wretched earth-demon girl and I'll...
Robin: A-ha! I knew it! See? You're turning redder than a cherry tomato.


Nevermind. I refuse to let you ruin my vacation.

Chester: Dude! So, like...Napoleon was always drawing and sheathing his sword, too? Whoah...
Robin: No, Chet, I'll explain later.

Vacation? Where are you going?

Honen: I dunno. Dat's why I come here. I'll ask ze Overlord to send me somewhere.
Robin: Hmmm...well, I hope you have fun wherever you go.
Honen: Really...?
Robin: Of course. Maybe it'll do you good and you won't be so testy with everyone when you return.
Honen: Aye. Maybe. So...what are you here for?
Robin: I want a human picture so that I can change forms. I suppose there are some lying around that I could use, but I don't like those ones. I want a new one. Chester wants a new picture, too.
Honen: Well, I can understand Mr. Hallet not wanting to look you say...ridiculous? But're so pretty in dat form...
Robin: What??? You've got to be absolutely kidding me, and I thought you hated magical creatures.
Honen: Oh, iz not ze way you look dat bothers me...its ze magic itzelf. And being an Oni...I find plain humans kinda dull, know what I mean?
Robin: Honen...
FO: Okay, folks, sorry I was late. Who's first?
Honen: I am! Just give me one moment...Mr. Hallet, you take care of dat earth-demon girl, aye? You iz a very lucky man.
Chester: Dude! Don't I know it!
Honen: I leave you now and see you again when I return in several weeks. And keep an eye on Zumo for me while I'm gone, okay?
Chester: Sure! You've got it!

...Robin, you allright?

Robin: Um...gee. Um...I feel sort of weird about this whole picture thing, now.
Chester: Have you changed your mind?
Robin: No. I still think it'd be a good idea to have a picture of my human form in case I need it for something, but...the main reason I wanted it is because I thought people were only being nice to me out of pity. Maybe I'm wrong...but is it wrong to want to look human sometimes?
Chester: Robin, you're as much human as you are earth demon...which are pretty much just humans slightly-altered anyway. But no matter what you are, to me you're always gonna be that girl that I found huddled on my doorstep that rainy some gift from the heavens, or something... or...dammit! Dude...I totally suck at this mushy crap.
Robin: Well, you're good enough at it for me. C'mere!
FO: Next? ... Okay, lemme guess...You two need a room.
Robin: Guh! Uh, hi? Could I have a new picture of me in my human form please?
Chester: Dude! I mean, Great Overlord, can I have a new picture, too?
FO: Okay, I'll add you both to the list behind Preston and Cory. Now get out of here and find another doorstep for that. Sheesh. Young folks.
Robin: Wait! Just out of curiosity...Where'd Honen go? He went in, but never came back out.
FO: He asked me to send him away for a vacation...So I did. Goodbye. *click*
Robin: Hmmm...I wonder where she sent him.
Chester: Dude. You got me.

And as Dr. Honen Calzoun heads for destinations unknown, like sands in the hourglass...that's how the cookie crumbles. Or it's something like that...We think. Well, we're pretty sure. About 90%, anyway.




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