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To Oni or Not to Oni

Do you like zis Oni?

What part of zis Oni do you like ze best?

Results (total votes = 6):
His brilliant intellect  0 / 0%  
His smooth accent  1 / 16.7% 
His charming looks  1 / 16.7% 
His snazzy wardrobe  1 / 16.7% 
His sensitivity  3 / 50% 
CB007: I initially read that as: "What, do u liek thees Oni?"
Honen: Well, do you like zis Oni, you strange little man?
Jack: I don't even think he really is an Oni.
Honen: What? Outrage! Of course I am Oni, you feathered cur.
Jack: You don't really look like one.
Honen: Hm? Well, you not look much like dragon to me, cur.
Jack: I think that's because I'm like a bird-dragon thing or something. Hey, aren't you supposed to be stuck in the Acer's hard drive right now?
Honen: Yes, but I'm getting bored waiting backstage for Part 6 to be finished. *soupir* So vote in my poll and show zis Oni how much you love him.
TaroSH: Let's put Honen in a tiger striped bikini and see if he looks like an oni then.
Jack: .... Oh, man...what a mental image...

On second thought, if he wants to call himself an Oni, who am I to argue? Later.

Honen: Tiger-striped bikini? Ech. Not my style.
Wildclaw: Hola, muchacho! I've been waiting for you to come back from that archaeo-womago thingamorooni you're on so I can give you your Christmas present.
Honen: A Christmas present? For me? Really? Didn't think anyone really cared about me so much... What iz it?
Wildclaw: I got it in your size!

Now get your little bunchkins over here and squeeze 'em tight!

Honen: AYE CARAMBA!! You disgusting Felis!!! Get ze hell away from me for ze last time!!
Wildclaw: C'mon now, amigo, don't be shy. Get over here!
Honen: GAH-HHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Professor!!!
Nucleo: What in great angles of elevation is going on here?

Oh, sorry, I'm still in my makeup. Takes hours to put this stuff on and it doesn't come off easily. Heh.

Wildclaw: Aw, man. The Oni muchacho didn't like the present I bought for him...uh, her, uh...dammit, man, I forget again. Which is it?
Nucleo: Honen didn't like his gift? You mean this thing?

Really? Well, if he doesn't want it, do you mind if I have it?

Wildclaw: Course not, diablo de la montana! Help yourself to it!
Nucleo: Thanks, then! Don't mind if I do.



................... could've used a little peppercorn ranch...but, thanks again! I was famished.

Wildclaw: No problemo, Amigo! Anytime.

I can walk down the street, there's no one there, though the pavements are one huge crowd. I can drive down the road; my eyes don't see, though my mind wants to cry out loud...

I feel free, I feel free, I feel free.




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