Occasionally, I like to check on my site's status in the Dreamhost site tracking system. There's one section of it that shows what pages I've gotten the most hits from within the past 24-hour period. Most of the times, it's dominated by my forums, Google, other search engines, and Wikipedia articles that have linked to certain articles here.

However, sometimes there will be a post from another message board in which someone has inadvertantly linked to something here on this site. Most of times, the ensuing replies, if there even are any, are nothing unusual and nothing to speak of. But occasionally, I strike gold.

Site Tracking Adventure #1: AUGUST 4, 2006

#1. Random, indistinguishable anime character avatars. Check.

#2. Through the magic of the internet, is now indirectly responsible for educating people on the meaning of the word "hypocrite". I could not be happier about providing such a service to the many wonderful inhabitants of the blogosphere.

#3. It is regrettable that "Ladyfyreyes" did not find the site particularly funny. Perhaps she'd be more interested in the sections of the site that are not meant to be humorous, which would exclude this one, of course. But for an alternative funny site, I'll recommend Saturday Night Live Transcripts. However, since the Adam Sandler Halloween Costumes sketch is missing the "Pickle for a Mustache" and "Pickle for an Arm" part, maybe she'd disagree after all.

#4. "Ladyfyreyes" reminds me of "Fire Eyes" from Secret of Evermore. Remember how she took her glasses off and that highly-destructive beam shot out of her eyes? That could only mean one thing. Yep.

Fire Eyes is Ric Ocasek.

So there you have it, folks, you heard it here first: Ric Ocasek doesn't think my site is funny, is the #1 source of information on the defintion of the word "hypocrite", and in what could be the cover-up of the century, Adam Sandler is hiding the fact that he has a pickle for an arm.

Comments from the RAU Gallery:

Christopher: The only reason they didn't think the site was funny was because he didn't link that scrapbook page with that picture from Chance and Sesa's yearbook.
Nucleo: That's not funny, that was just disturbing.
Chance: Well, YOU'RE the one who dug it out and showed it to everyone and now it's all over the damn internet! Thanks to that, we couldn't get Sesa to leave his room for months. And every time I bought a gallon of ice cream, he'd eat the whole thing.
Christopher: He's like the RAU version of Star Wars Kid now.
Chester: Dude! I learned a new word!
Chance: What? "Hypocrite"?
Chester: No. "Dude".
Chance: You've been putting "dude" at the beginning of your sentences for years!!
Chester: Yeah, but I only just now learned what it means.
Christopher: LOL! Three of our names begin with "CH".
Chester: Holy shit, you're right!
Chance: Charming observation.
Nucleo: *sigh* I'm always the odd one out.
Christopher: That's allright. We'll just post some more pictures of you wearing Chance's clothes and that'll make it better.

Chance's clothes are comfortable and magically-formfitting. Even though Chance is 6 feet tall and you're only about 4, and the sleeves are too long at first, after several panels, they'll be a perfect fit.
Nucleo: Ah, how convenient those continuity errors were.



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