Please Don't Take My Bubu Away

Computer Lab
Tomi: Hey, uh...Deuce, got a minute?
Deuce: Yeah, what is it, Tomes?
Tomi: Um...You did a swell job getting the moonbuggy back. So, I just wanted to, uh...apologize to you...for the way I've been acting lately...
Deuce: Oh...really? Well...maybe I sort of deserved it. I know you're anxious to get home and I got sidetracked from that project...
Tomi: No, no, no. I read over the last few sketches and realized I was being a total ass. So, was wrong of me to laugh at you and harass you and Honen like that. I'm just so used to everything being a big joke. Now you have to be politically correct and watch what you say. Honen can't just be treated like a stupid cartoon villain anymore...
Deuce: Well, Tomi, how does it make you feel when people look at the old scrapbook pictures of you wearing that stupid pillowcase, or the one of you eating the sandwich instead of paying attention to Chance's orders, and they think that you're just a goofy cartoon kid who does nothing but dance around in a pillowcase and eat sandwiches all day? Doesn't it make you angry?
Tomi: Yeeeaaahhhhh, um...actually, I got reamed by the Overlord for my behavior because she took some flak for it. Sometimes I really hate those scrapbooks. They can give a one-dimensional view of us...
Deuce: Well, it's not entirely FO's fault. She scripted a lot more than she drew. She didn't have time to do everything that she wanted.
Tomi: Yeah, I know, I know. But, Deuce...if I seem upset, it's only because I don't want you to break up our partnership. Why do you want to stay here so badly, anyway? Out there, you're somebody. Here, you're nobody.
Deuce: Tomes, you'll do just fine without me. I don't care about this "being somebody" nonsense. If I haven't already made my mark on the profession with everything we've done, then why bother to keep trying? I'm happier here.
Tomi: But I couldn't get any good work before I teamed up with you. I could try finding another partner, but no one will ever be as good as you...
Deuce: *sigh* I'm sorry, Tomes, but my heart is just not in it anymore. Besides, you'll be okay...Or you could always stay here.
Tomi: You know I won't do that, Deuce, and this isn't just about me. Honen can't be trusted.
Deuce: Oh, there you go again. Honen just wants to be appreciated. I know him better than you think.
Tomi: Ugh. Allright, I don't want to get into the same argument again, so I'll say no more. I'm sure when the time comes and Honen turns the tables on you, you'll see him for what he really is and you'll do the right thing then. Until know, I can't even figure out how you're able to get past what he looks like. I mean, geez, I can't tell if he's mammal or reptile or cartilaginous landfish or what...
Deuce: Well, I think he's kind of cute.
Tomi: You have a strange definition of "cute".
Deuce: Don't you have any work to do, Tomes?
Tomi: Well, sort of...You see, the Overlord wanted me to make up for my rudeness by helping Bubu set up his blog.
Deuce: ... You've gotta be kidding me...
Tomi: 'Fraid it's true.
Deuce: What the hell does Bubu need a blog for??
Tomi: How the fuck should I know?
Deuce: Did you actually help him set one up?
Tomi: Unfortunately, yes.
Deuce: .... That is the most pointless thing I have ever seen...and it's pretty hard to get more pointless than this series already is.
Tomi: Well, I dunno...I've been thinking of starting a blog myself. Maybe you should try writing one, too.
Deuce: Absolutely not!
Tomi: That's a rather hostile reaction.
Deuce: Being on a blog is like being on a message board where only one person can start all the topics.
Tomi: Well, okay, have it your way. I'm gonna continue working on the moonbuggy modifications. Just let me know when you've got Version 2 of the Moonbuggy Control Program finished.
Deuce: Sure. No problem.

Chance: That was a new all-time low.
FO: You have my permission to tell Deuce and Tomi that.
Chance: I'm talking about the Bubu blog.
FO: Don't make fun of him. He's sensitive.
Chance: You're fucking insane!
FO: Chance, can you do me a favor? I injured my back pretty badly somehow and I haven't been able to do much for four days. Could you take Bubu for a walk?
Chance: Oh, for crying out...
FO: Someone messed with the control room settings a few weeks ago. It wouldn't have happened to be you, would it?
Chance: ... Allright, Allright, I'll do it. If it means that much to you.
FO: Thanks. You're quite a dear.
Chance: *sigh*

Chance: This is humiliating.
Bubu: What is so bad about driving a brand new shiny red Malibu?
Chance: THAT! That's what.
Bubu: What?
Chance: THAT!
Bubu: WHAT?!
Chance: THAT!! Just stop that! Stop! *ACK!* What are you doing?
Bubu: You said stop.
Chance: That's not what I meant!
Bubu: You're confusing me.
Chance: Fuck!
Bubu: Gesundheit.
Chance: I think this has been a long enough drive. I'm taking you home now.
Bubu: I don't understand your problem.
Chance: Cars aren't supposed to understand the deeper intricacies of the human psyche.
Bubu: Sounds like you need to talk to Dr. Abirok.
Chance: If I didn't before this sketch, I certainly do now.
Bubu: I still don't get it.
Kado: 'Scuse me, Mr. Tomasaro! Is that you in there?
Chance: Good timing.
Kado: Couldn't help but notice you have an awesome red car there. Ha ha ha! Mind if I take the wheel for a spin, eh?
Bubu: Hmm...


Kado: Hm. That's a terrible engine noise you have there. I should check under the hood, no?
Chance: No, I'm not popping the hood. Look, Kado, I can't let you drive this car, it doesn't belong to me. It belongs to FO and she'd be pretty damn pissed if something happened to it.
Kado: Ah, I see. You don't trust Kado, is that it? Ha ha ha! But I'll bet I am a better driver than you are.
Chance: I kinda fucking doubt it.
Kado: What? What you mean by that, eh?
Chance: Kado, you make Toonces look like Steve McQueen.
Kado: Ah, fendersquash! Can you at least give me a ride home?
Chance: Sure. Why not? Get in.
Kado: Allright, thanks and you're sure you don't want me to drive?
Chance: Positive. Man, it's getting really late. I promised I'd have Bubu back before noon, but...ah, well, she probably won't get too mad...
Kado: Ahhh, that's no problem, Chance. I know a shortcut.
Chance: Really?
Kado: Ha ha! Of course! Make a left right here.
Chance: A left? Are you sure?
Kado: Yes, I'm sure, make a left right here. *grabs wheel*
Chance: Wait, Kado, don't---!
Bubu: !!!!!!

FO: ...
Chance: ...
FO: I trust you with this one little task and do you think you could handle it?
Chance: It's not like I wanted to take him for a walk.
FO: It's not like I wanted you to let Kado drive him off a cliff.
Chance: Putting a car in these sketches is like putting a car in a Kemco-Seika NES game: Don't if you want it to be in one piece at the end.
FO: You're just reeeeeeeeeally lucky that I had Tomi install the Moonbuggy Control Program Version 1 on him while he was here setting up his blog.
Chance: And even luckier that it actually worked.
FO: Yes. Otherwise, there's no way Bubu would've made that jump.
Chance: Can I go now?
FO: Okay, but you're never driving one of my vehicles again, got it?
Chance: Thanks. Glad to hear it.

Baby you can drive my car. Yes I'm gonna be a star. Baby you can drive my car. And maybe I love you. Beep beep'm beep beep yeah!

Talon: The greatest thing about this... that the car is casting a shadow on air.

Jack: Shh! You're not supposed to point it out! It's funnier when they notice the inadequacies of our shoddy Photoshop skills on their own.
Talon: Oh. Sorry.




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