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Backstory From My Old Comics: Deuce is a member of an intergalactic organization of soldiers and bounty hunters. Deuce became stranded with Chance's gang when her ship was shot down by Ghestov's monstrous space fortress, CRASHER. She is headstrong, and will do whatever it takes to complete her missions - even if it means blowing herself up. Although she is an analytical thinker, and handy with technological gizmos, her desire to take down Ghestov at all costs often clouded her thinking. She was extra-determined to kill Ghestov because he was responsible for the destruction of her friends and family back on her home planet, Darlos. He is what essentially drove her to being a mercenary. She works well with her partner, Tomi, even though she thinks he's a bit lazy and defiant of his superiors. Deuce, like Desiree, also enjoys blowing things up. She denies having any feelings for Tomi and claims she wants to keep their relationship strictly on a business level. In fact, she often says she doesn't like him too much, and seems somewhat-resentful of being forced to take on a partner.

Deuce's triggerhappy nature often causes her to be at odds with team leader, Chance. When Deuce feels threatened, her motto is to nuke first, and worry about the consequences later. Even so, she does have good leadership skills, sometimes subbing for Chance when he's not around and planning battle strategies. Because Deuce has been to many different planets and seen many forms of life, she's not phased by being around the different species of Phainein, and finds their general disdain for each other a little weird. Despite her gritty exterior, she has a flirtatious side and has been known to gain awkward crushes on some of the male characters, particularly Nucleo McRaven and Honen Calzoun. Her real name is Rosalyn Koma, but she doesn't usually go by it anymore.

Deuce uses many different kinds of weapons, but the two she's most famous for are her giant, pump-action bazooka, and a seemingly neverending supply of firecracker bombs. These bombs consist of a white plastic and a red plastic explosive twisted together, with a fuse at one end. She is about 28 years old.

Character Design Notes: My original design for Deuce Koma is completely different from the modern version and is pretty much completely unrecognizable as the same character. While many of my characters were created around the same time or before Deuce, she was one of the more unfortunate results of my lack of maturity. Apparently, I thought the idea of a bounty hunter who looked like a kid dressed in a ridiculous valkyrie costume was hilarious back then. In time, I realized it was just stupid and I'd have to make changes if I wanted to salvage the character. Several changes and inconsistencies in earlier versions of the character include:

1. Version 1 Deuce Koma (seen in the preliminaries and early Image Arcane/RAU storyboards) was dressed in a winged helmet, armor, sandals, and baggy pink pants. She carried a weapon called the Time Bow which had arrows that looked like clock handles. She had a freckled face and was very short and "fat". In the preliminaries and early RAU, Deuce also had a bodysuit that resembled a pterodactyl. This version was completely retconned after awhile.

2. Version 2 Deuce Koma (seen in later Image Arcane/RAU storyboards) looked much more similar to the character's modern appearance. She no longer has the helment or armor, and her baggy pants became grey sweatpants. She now has a white t-shirt, long pink hair, red shoes, and pilot goggles. She has a barrette in her hair that looks sort of like a tiara. She also now has a more "adult" appearance, despite still being short. I also ditched the Time Bow and gave her a gun, a bazooka, and plastic explosives for weapons.

3. Version 3 Deuce Koma (the modern version) is similar to Version 2, but had a number of changes and alterations. Gone are the pilot goggles and tiara, replaced with a pair of night vision goggles worn on her forehead. Her red shoes were replaced with boots inspired by the ones worn by The Real Ghostbusters.

Deuce in the RAU Gallery: Although her partner Tomi is determined to return to their home planet Darlos, Deuce has decided to remain on Phainein. She had fallen in love with Nucleo McRaven during their adventures in the wars against the Great Spirits, but when his wife was discovered alive, she realized they could not be together. This caused Deuce to avoid Nucleo as much as possible by working in areas where he would not normally be, such as the science lab and garage. As a result, she ended up spending a lot of time with her ex-arch-nemesis, Honen Calzoun. Realizing how much she has in common with the reformed Oni scientist, her feelings shifted from Nucleo to Honen. Initially, she was very aggressive with Honen, but upon realizing how sensitive and emotionally unstable he is, she backed off a little and now tries to be supportive of him from a safer distance.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: A Visit With the Overlord

Deuce Version 2 swinging from a chain in an old panel.

Funny panel from the RAU of Version 1 Deuce and Tomi.

Sprites of Deuce, Nucleo, and Samantha.

Sprite of Deuce hanging from a wire. She seems to do that a lot.

One of my first attempts at modernizing Deuce. This came out pretty well, I think.

Deuce with the Calico King and Stefan Ferguson.

Early IA conceptual art, but I have no idea what's going on here.

Version 2 sprite

Version 2 with a smoking gun.

Version 2 with a plastic explosive.




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