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Backstory From My Old Comics: Wildclaw is a large red cat who sports a bandana, totes an AK-47, and wears a magical Cat's-Eye ring around her tail. Wildclaw is one of my oldest character concepts, although I've never really done much with her. She had a cameo here and there in the preliminaries, but that's about it. I did have plans to make Wildclaw one of Scry Salvadore's "outlaws" for the Arkantos storyline that I never really completed in the original script. She's a little rude and speaks in a "Cheech Marin"-esque dialect. She looks, acts, and sounds like a man and is often mistaken for being male, which causes her to retaliate by questioning the person's gender.

Character Design Notes: Wildclaw is a character design I've had for many years. She is probably one of my oldest concepts, although I never did a whole lot with her before The RAU Gallery. In fact, her roles in the two sketches she appeared in here are the most prominent she's ever had. I think I had basically gotten the idea for a giant red talking cat with a ring around its tail sometimes in the early 80's. I originally based her look somewhat on a stone cat bank that I own, and each time I drew it, I continually evolved the design more and more until she finally looked like what she does now. I'm not going to go into specifics on earlier discrepancies in the design since this pretty much already explains it and the only alteration made for the version seen in this series is an added bandana.

Wildclaw in the RAU Gallery: Wildclaw is a "joke" character of sorts, not unlike a prank account on a message board. She originally only appeared as the result of a glitch in the time stream whereby Honen Calzoun met up with her in the past. After the defeat of ErniePants in the Great Forum Wars, the time stream was returned to normal, and somehow Wildclaw ended up at the Grimmora University. What she does there, aside from pestering Honen about his questionable gender, is anyone's guess.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: The Great Forum War Part 3: Honen's Vacation

This is a sprite of Wildclaw that shows the cat's-eye ring around her tail. I drew her in this (or a similar) pose a lot.

Similar pose as the sprite above, but in this case she's leaping out from the middle of a group of Minerva Project characters.

This headshot might be her original RAU gallery picture.

Close-up of the Cat's-Eye Ring that she wears on her tail.

Wildclaw the Outlaw. That's either the goofiest thing I've ever drawn or the greatest. You decide. It's also what I used to make her avatar for The RAU Gallery series. (Click for larger image).

Unfinished sketch of Wildclaw.

An early sketch of Wildclaw that indicates that she was based somewhat on a kitty bank that I own that is approximately the same shape.

But as the character's design evolved, she started to look less and less like that bank.

Another Wildclaw leaping with outstretched arms.

Notebook doodle of Wildclaw




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