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Backstory From My Old Comics: Samantha is a mysterious, plainly-dressed girl that Desiree's pirates, the Quixotic Tigers, found wandering around alone. She carries a single golden glove that they wanted to steal, but when they tried, Sam kicked all their asses, as she's rather accomplished in martial arts and unusually strong. Sam doesn't seem to have too many memories of her past, but Desiree was impressed with her fighting skills, so she let her join the Quixotic Tigers. But after a chance meeting with Christopher, Sam became fascinated with him, and decided to leave her life of crime. Eventually, when Zimosa and his minions came after her, the truth about her past was finally revealed - she's an android created long ago for some purpose relating to the Seven Towers. She was designed to work in the most hazarous areas, places that would not be safe for normal humans, and Zimosa needed her to help him take control of the Great Phainein Tower.

Being a synthetic human, Sam is lacking a sense of humor, but she does seem to have emotions. She often takes things very seriously, and doesn't like being annoyed. If she is angered too badly, she may turn physically violent. However, she is handy with computers and other technological gizmos and is very helpful when needed. Although Chance and the others initially worried about her ability to go against Zimosa's programming, Christopher refused to give up on her. Upon seeing that he still cared about her, despite her unintentional deception, Samantha realized where her true place in the world was and abandoned her pre-programmed mission.

Sam is so strong and resilient that she does not need to use any kind of weapon, although she does carry a single golden glove. The glove was actually a key of sorts used to access and operate certain areas of the Great Phainein Tower, but it can be utilized as a weapon, too. Her date of creation is unknown, but it is obvious that she was built to resemble (and maybe act like) a girl between 15-17 years of age.

Character Design Notes: I think it might be safe to guess that Samantha is the first character I created that actually became a character in Image Arcane and The RAU Gallery. The inspiration for her actually came from a drawing of a generic little girl that was on a poster on the wall near where I sat in 3rd or 4th grade. I have very little memory of anything from 4th grade on down, but I do vaguely recall drawing this character over and over again, at first trying to get it exactly like the poster, and then eventually changing it a little each time to make it more my "own". Then I started thinking it was funny to portray her throwing objects that would seem way too heavy for her to lift, which used to really bother this art teacher for some reason. I think it's possible that in the preliminary episodes I wrote, she was just a normal human girl who had inexplicable superhuman strength. I later decided this needed an explanation so I went with the "OMG! She's an android!" route. My oldest drawings of Samantha are really crappy, but most of the design changes have been just technical improvements. Unlike some other characters, I never put her through any drastic redesigns because I always liked her rather plain appearance.

Samantha in the RAU Gallery: Samantha now works as a lab technician in the Grimmora University as an understudy of Dr. Lizaki. She is mainly helping Lizaki, Deuce, and Tomi on the moonbuggy project, which Tomi hopes will be used to contact his home planet Darlos for a rescue team. Sam is also observing and studying the non-synthetic lifeforms of Phainein in an effort to learn more about them. She continues to be best friends with Christopher Paladin. She is also good friends with Robin, Chester, Deuce, Sesa, Taura, Nucleo, Cory, Image, Talon, Jack, and Preston, but tends to be a little suspicious of Lukyan and Tomi.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Nonsense War

Sprite of Samantha with Version 1 Deuce Koma and Professor Nucleo McRaven. She's supposed to actually be taller than those two, but oh well. She also mistakenly has two golden gloves in this scene. She should only have one.

Another sprite of Samantha. She's a martial arts expert.

Sam sitting in a potato sack in an old RAU panel. It didn't make much sense, even in the 80's.

Sam flinging plastic spoons. This was based on something me and a friend actually once did in the school cafeteria. Amazingly, we didn't get caught.

Sam's one of those "techie"-type characters, so you'll often see her wailing away on a control panel in old Image Arcane comics, sometimes complete with giant headphones.

Samantha talking with Christopher.

Snakes on a Sam.


Sprites of Samantha doing a dragon punch! While it's difficult for me to put an exact time stamp on when I drew a lot of this stuff, it's apparent this particular sequence of sprites wasn't done until after I started playing Street Fighter 2.

Sam on a keyboard again.

I know it looks like Sam wants to toss Cory sky-high, but she's really just trying to help.




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