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Backstory From My Old Comics: Aurora is one of the two headmasters of the Mage University of Grimmora, along with Crow. She has dedicated her life to civilizing the chaotic monsters and demon-like races of Phainein, and teaching them to use their powers wisely. A fire mage of incredible power, she is a caring, strong woman, but a bit scatterbrained. She often doesn't pay enough attention to things or doesn't notice them. Aurora sometimes hides her form behind her dark mage cloak because she is rather strange-looking. For years she believed she was part demon-elf, and part something else or a mutant form due to her abnormally long horns and fangs. It was later revealed that Aurora had been taken to the fire god Karma to be transformed through a ritual into Sol, a demon-dragon capable of mass-destruction. The light goddess, Leohtiss, recognized the danger in allowing Karma to create Sol, so she interrupted the ceremony. The process left Aurora half-mutated and with little memory of what happened. (She even has a pair of vestigial wings on her back, which are usually hidden by her clothing.)

Aurora had taken in Nucleo when he was very young and raised him as her own son. She is a wonderful and well-respected teacher, beloved by most of her students, although she can be VERY strict about certain things. She's sometimes a little too overbearing with her love for her close associates, as Preston Abirok (the school psychiatrist) and Nucleo could tell you from the number of times they've been on the receiving end of her monstrous hugs. Preston actually has a very deep crush on her, but due to her absentminded nature, she doesn't notice it at all. Aurora speaks in a dialect like that of a highlander.

Aurora mostly uses magic to fight, although she can also use a bo staff. She is about 72 years old.

Character Design Notes: Aurora is a combination of two old character design concepts. One is a robed fire mage whose face is completely covered in shadow and undiscernable. (This idea was heavily influenced by Orko from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.) My original idea was to never show Aurora's face, but I decided that this was rather dumb, so I thought I'd design what she'd look like without being hidden. I noticed an old usued character called "Taglisa" in my archives who was a demon vampire. I took that design, significantly modified it, and that became Aurora's unshadowed form. Since Aurora didn't have a last name in my old scripts and most of my characters do, I also made "Taglisa" be her last name.

Aurora is usually dressed in ceremonial mage robes and shoes of Aridian design (the Grimmora Mage University got most of its clothing from the Aridian Kingdom before it was destroyed by Karma). Her tassled hat is somewhat more mysterious. It looks very similar to the traditional Oni monk hat, but has the magical property of being able to cover her in shadow. She does not always wear it.

Aurora in the RAU Gallery: Aurora continues to headmaster the Grimmora Mage University in the current series. Although Nucleo is now fully-grown and middle-aged, she has never stopped thinking of him as her son. Because demon-elves live twice as long as other humanoid races, Aurora still feels young and willing to continue teaching for many years to come, unlike Crow who would really like to retire.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts

This is a sprite that shows Aurora in her shadowed form. She will look similar to this in all of my old drawings.

One of the first drawings I did when I redesigned her.

Aurora's original RAU gallery picture.

Aurora hugging her young adopted mountaindevil.

Aurora POG

This is the unused character, Taglisa. You can see how I got Aurora's unshadowed design from this by shortening the snout, getting rid of the nose, and fixing a few other things.

Sprite of Aurora with an unused character that I eventually turned into Nexis Fried.

Younger versions of Preston Abirok, Aurora Taglisa, and Nucleo McRaven.

Aurora teaching a young Nucleo to use a fire spell.

Inked versions of some other Aurora drawings.




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