A collection of various RAU Gallery "photoshops" made by me, Crawl, and other community members. Most of these haven't been used in any actual sketches and are just meant to be jokes. The "LOLRAU" 'shops are parodies of LOLCats.

Crawl has contributed the most RAU Gallery photoshops to date. Since they were spread over various Port Saiid forum topics, I decided to collect most of the ones I was able to find here.

Indiana Honen and the Temple of Calzoun.

This is similar to an animated gif that Crawl made for a forum topic that got archived into this sketch. However, in this version, Crawl attempted to make it look like it was Chance's head that caused Nucleo to fall over instead of the umbrella in the original gif.

Crawl's original "LOLRAU" parody of LOLCats.

Of all the LOLRAU Crawl has created, this one is my favorite.

Original image from "The World That Time Forgot".

Original image from "For the Love of an Oni".

Nucleo gets told off by Guile from Street Fighter II.

Another LOLRAU featuring Kado's car.

Technically speaking, this wasn't a canon scene at the time I drew it, but Crawl felt it was enough to award Honen Calzoun "Lover of the Year", anyway.

Original image from "In Case of WTF, Break Glass". (Don't ask me what "Chubby Loving" is, though.)

More of Crawl's twisted LOLRAU stuff. This is a cropped and resized version to get it to reasonably fit on the page, which explains the wonky-looking text. Click here for the uncropped, full-sized version with normal-looking text.

If I'm not mistaken, I think this series of photoshops was inspired by the reoccurring "Moonman" character (based on McDonald's Mac Tonight) that appears in Sweetbee's Fanart. I made a photoshop of the Moonman for a Caption Contest that got archived in this sketch, and Crawl made his own Moonman/Nucleo mashups.

This is a cropped version to get it to reasonably fit on the page. For the uncropped version, click here.

Last Moonman Nucleo for now.

Twilight: New Moon parodies made around the time that movie came out and Burger King had some kind of tie-in promotion.

This is not so much a photoshop as an old drawing I did of Nucleo that Crawl semi-colored in with GIMP and Inkscape.

These are ones that I did. I don't have that many because usually if I do something like this, it's intended to be used in an actual sketch. The stuff here (mostly) has not been used for any sketches.

Actually, you may have seen this one in "A Farewell to Forums", but in that sketch it was part of a screen capture of the entire forum post I made it for, so I wanted to put the original raw image file here. As for the reason I made it, we had a somewhat-annoying forum user at the time who had this somewhat-annoying avatar of a character from a video game munching on a banana. After the forum user left, SethraShnoo (as you can see in that sketch) requested a picture of Nucleo kicking the avatar away in response to him kicking away another annoying user's avatar in "AT2: The Edge of Yesterday".

This was made in response to someone who jokingly suggested that I should draw my characters "Rob Liefeld" style.

Ragey from Random Hoo-Haas is the only other person besides myself and Crawl who did an RAU Photoshop that I was able to find.

Cory Eat World!! (And to think he almost didn't post this.)


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