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Backstory From My Old Comics: Sesa is the best friend of Chance Tomasaro. They had grown up together in the town of Phoresta on the eastern Nispatian continent. Sesa's father, Victor, is a famous, though reclusive, medical doctor and inventor/scientist. Sesa had a lot of trouble living up to his father's expectations and the two grew apart after awhile.

After Bazil Kyradius and his mountaindevil followers ransacked Phoresta, Sesa left home on a journey around the world. He joined Desiree's pirate gang while traveling around. He eventually quit the pirate life, but he still wears their trademark orange tiger scarf and continued to have an undeniable crush on Desiree. He has been to many parts of the world and knows much about it. He can be very clever when he puts his mind to it. In fact, he's somewhat of a "closet nerd", which is probably due in part to his father. He loves discovering weird technology from the "old world", and has a huge collection of calculators.

Sesa appears to have untapped psychic powers. Sometimes, his dreams are precognitive. Other times he knows something is going to happen a moment before it does. He can directly read a person's mind by touching them, and occasionally, he's able to read thoughts out of someone's mind without physical contact. Despite all of this, he doesn't seem to take his powers of precognition too seriously. He is also a vegetarian and wears reading glasses.

Sesa is one of the more "relaxed" members of Chance's group, which is both a strength and a weakness to his character. It's a strength because his mellow attitude is often needed to mediate the chaotic nature of the group's chemistry. It's a weakness because he can sometimes be a little naive and unfocused, often allowing himself to be too influenced by the people around him.

Sesa's weapon is the Crystal Boomerang, an item of mysterious origin that he's learned to wield with deadly accuracy and efficiency. He is about 21 years old.

Character Design Notes: Sesa is a character idea I've had for years and years. I created him around the same time that I did Chance, as the original idea was to have two characters who were exact opposites. They sort of switched roles and I made numerous changes to them, most of which resulted during the natural course of writing with them, as opposed to thikning about it independantly. Sesa went from being the "no-personality" leader-type to sporting a more laid-back persona with a "nerdy" side to him. I got the idea for his first name and his choice of weapon (a boomerang) from a dream. In the dream, I was playing an arcade game that had a character who tossed a boomerang for a weapon and the name "SESA" was in the high-score table (though it seemed implied that "Sesa" may have also been the character's name.) Several changes and inconsistencies in earlier versions of the character include:

1. Just like with Chance, I had difficulty drawing people for years, so my oldest drawings of Sesa were pretty bad. He was very generic, and due to his similar hairstyle and neck scarf, he looked far too similar to Chance when they weren't colored in. This design problem may have also been the result of my original idea to make them brothers, but when I decided to make them unrelated, I worked to differentiate them.

2. Sesa's face was more "rectangular" in some of the oldest drawings. I'm not exactly sure why I changed this except that I just preferred the more rounded chin style for him.

Sesa's standard attire is a leather vest, jeans, and white shirt (which sometimes has sleeves rolled up to the elbow, and other times doesn't. Canonically, it should have sleeves). His pants are noticeably torn and have patches in some spots. He also wears a dark blue bandana and an orange neck scarf (which he got for being a member of the Quixotic Tigers gang of pirates). In some old storyboard panels, Sesa appears without his head and neck scarves and usual vest. This is not actually a design change. That is because Sesa is wearing a bathrobe in those pictures after just waking up in the morning.

Sesa in the RAU Gallery: Sesa is a character who comes and goes at will. At first, he was still out exploring the world with his new girlfriend, Taura Asa. Eventually he returned to the Grimmora University where he manages the School Juice Bar during his stay. He loves talking about his calculator collection, but he gets too carried away with it, sometimes causing other people to avoid him.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: One Giant Leap For Mankind

This sprite is actually one of my better old pictures of Sesa, despite the lack of sleeves on his shirt.

This drawing was maybe done in junior highschool, and it's not the best in the world (especially his boots), but I think he looks kind of cute here anyway.

This one is very similar to the above sketch, but is drawn much better.

Side-view sprite. I've been told he resembles Locke from FF6, but that's the unfortunate result of reducing him down to sprite form.

Another side-view sprite, either running or leaning forward.

This is from an old storyboard. Kind of manga-ish in design. Arms are a little too skinny.

Another side-view sprite with some other IA characters. This sprite is a little older than the two above and seems to have been based more on the square-jawed version of Sesa.

I'm not sure if this is a storyboard or conceptual art, but the yellow vest (instead of his usual leather vest) tells me that it's very old. It's from the era when Sesa and Chance looked very similar to one another.

This is part of a drawing done for that horrible advanced cartooning class I've mentioned before. I don't really want to post the rest of it because it looks so damn retarded.

Sesa as a really nerdy kid with Chance as a kid with a really misshapened head. If this one seems particularly fucked-up, that's because it was supposed to be. It was meant to be part of a brief flashback in which Chance explains how much Sesa changed since he was a kid and before he went on a trip around the world.




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