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Backstory From My Old Comics: Robin is the traveling partner of Chester Hallet. She is a very talented magician, pilot, and musician. Part of the reason her magic acts are so good is because she knows real magic. She is, however, suffering from some kind of amnesia, and remembers little about her past. When memories do come back to her, they seem to make no sense. She remembers flying, she tells Chester, and she doesn't mean inside a flying vehicle, like either of the two airships that she and Chester own. As it's revealed one day when a stressful situation causes her to suddenly transform, Robin is actually some kind of demon with a human form. In her demon form, she is large, cat-like, and has wings, which explains the flying memories. But it's still unknown exactly what kind of demon she is or where she came from (it is believed she is half Earth Demon and half human and probably came from Spochella). Although this revelation comes as somewhat of a shock to Chester, he doesn't abandon her. In fact, he claims he always knew something was different about her, especially since it's extremely unusual for pure humans to be able to use magic without wielding some kind of magic-imbued artifact. Robin is friendly, strong, and outgoing like her partner Chester, but she keeps her feet in reality, which has saved their skin on more than one occasion.

Robin and Chester met in a scrapyard where Chet had been building an airship. He had come home on a rainy night to find her sitting on his doorstep lost, confused, and unsure of who she was. Ever since then, Chester has felt a sense of responsibility to take care of her, even though she is certainly not incapable of looking after herself. After she learned to trust him, Robin began assisting Chet in the construction of his airship and eventually learned to pilot it, too. Despite their quirky differences, the two have been inseparable friends ever since.

Robin and Chester assisted Chance and his friends in the defeat of Zimosa and the Elemental Gods by allowing them to use their airships to travel around the world. Droma eventually destroyed both airships, but Robin and Chester helped make the final repairs on Chance's airship, the Bluejay, which was used to travel to the Great Phainein Tower where Droma and Zimosa were eventually defeated. (The Bluejay suffered heavy damage afterwards, though.)

Robin's weapon is her magician's wand, which is more than just a stage prop. It has real magical powers contained within it. She also has a sai-type weapon that can be used as a dagger or shoot a beam. Her exact age is unknown, but Chester estimates that she is somewhere between 18-20.

Character Design Notes: Like Chester, Robin was created many years ago, but is still somewhat more recent than most of the other cast members. When I came up with the idea for her, I went through my sketchpads, looking for unused characters and inspiration, and I eventually lifted the design for her human form from an unnamed blonde woman in a magician's costume playing a guitar. Her alternate Earth Demon form I had to create from scratch since nothing I could find in my old sketches was suitable. Robin is one of the strongest female lead characters I have, and not just physically.

Robin tends to change clothing quite a bit. The magician suit (complete with top hat) was only usually worn for her stage performances. Normally, she'd be seen in a t-shirt and jeans. The modern version of Robin wears Aridian desert-elf clothing. In her alternate demon form, she cannot wear the same clothing because of her wings. So she usually wears spandex or a cloth scarf tied around her chest and shoulders with shorts in that form. She often wears a white lily in her hair.

Robin in the RAU Gallery: Robin is now a student and teacher's aide at the Grimmora University. She teaches lessons in music and aeronautics, and she is studying psychiatry under the tutelage of Dr. Preston Abirok. She continues to be best friends with Chester Hallet. She is good friends with almost everybody in the school due to her outgoing nature, but she sometimes still feels insecure about being part Earth Demon.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Study Hall Blues

Sprite of Robin in the magician costume.

Sprite of Robin in normal street clothes.

Robin (middle) is a little surprised by the lack of room in Chester's plane.

Sideview Robin and Chester sprites.

This drawing of Robin is actually one of the better results of my advanced cartoon class.

Robin in demon form.

Another Robin sprite.

Another one. That hat isn't really fitting her head, is it?

I obviously had difficulty drawing her face from that angle.

Did the same for the POG, but it came out even weirder-looking.




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