Pibby Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Pibby is a fat quail with an abnormally long neck. She was found and brought to the Mage School by Cory McRaven. Pibby immediately developed a fondness for Nucleo McRaven and can often be seen sitting on his head or his shoulder.

Character Design Notes: I actually kind of based Pibby's design half on the California Quail and half on the European Starling. The long neck thing might have come from something else. I do know that baby Cedar Waxwings look like they have really long necks.

Pibby in the RAU Gallery: Pibby had a cameo appearance in The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts. While future appearances are not ruled out, she probably won't be used too often, either.

Pibby scuttling around the Mage School with her long neck stretched out.

Pibby with another bird.

Pibby is sitting on Sesa's shoulder. Her neck is stretched around him. (Click for larger image.)

A recent sketch I just did of Professor McRaven and Pibby. The point of this was to try to draw him from a front view without him looking like complete crap, as he always did in my old drawings.

Pibby wearing Nucleo's reading glasses. She's flying really fast because 'Cleo was chasing after her. For some reason, I thought this was really funny.

Sometimes, it's hard to say if Nucleo is annoyed with Pibby or just oblivious to her.

Ink sketches of Nucleo, Christopher, and Pibby.

Pibby in a tree



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