Marissa Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Marissa is a member of a race of friendly monsters called "furrows" that can be rode on like horses. The females are brown with yellow hair like Marissa, and the males are black with white hair. Although most furrows are wild, Marissa is a tamed pet that belongs to the Mage University of Grimmora. She likes chasing frisbees and just running in general. She was only a cub when Aurora had adopted Nucleo, and she took an early liking to him. Because Marissa's presence seemed to ease Nucleo's depression, Aurora allowed her newly-adopted son to take care of the furrow as his own pet. This would also prove to be Nucleo's first major responsibility, and would show Aurora just how capable a mountaindevil could be of handling it.

Suffice it to say that Nucleo took care of Marissa amazingly well, and she grew up to be a strong, healthy furrow that absolutely loves to be taken on his archaeological expeditions. Although Marissa gets along fine with other people, too, she becomes sad whenever Nucleo isn't around. However, she doesn't really like Crow, perhaps picking up on his rude, cantankerous nature.

Character Design Notes: Marissa is a character design I've had for years and years. (Furrows are kind of like the Image Arcane/RAU version of Chocobos, if that makes any sense.) I don't really remember now how I came up with the concept.

Marissa in the RAU Gallery: Marissa was mentioned in The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts, and I actually did originally plan to use her as a character in the series. However, I realized that it's almost impossible to utilize a character that can't talk in a dialogue-driven comedy, so I dropped her from the cast listing page for now.

Marissa head and sprite.

Another Marissa, this one sitting down.

Marissa sprites.

Another Marissa

Another one

Marissa clinging to a wall.

Marissa with a male Furrow.


Two different drawings of Marissa's head from the same angle.

Another Marissa face.

Desiree riding on Marissa

Sprite of Marissa that's missing the tail tuft.

Marissa chasing a frisbee.


More Marissa stuff

Large group sprite picture. Marissa is in the bottom row just left of center.

A very young Nucleo carrying a Marissa cub.

Young Nucleo McRaven and Image Arcane riding on Marissa.

Marissa the Furrow.



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