Loro Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Loro is a powerful, yet tenderhearted lizardman. In fact, he is an exiled lizardman warrior, which are the servants of the Demon Lord, Zara. He was outcasted due to his obsession with human-made objects, and also because after a rather tragic incident, he refused to participate in any more wars of conquest and destruction. Loro, you see, has the ability to feel what a person is feeling when he touches them, and upon experiencing the pain of one of his victims, he could no longer bring himself to fight for unjust causes. He has also been fascinated with manmade inventions and lives in an old junkyard that contains thousands of items that he's collected over the years. This is unusual because most of Zara's minions absolutely hate humans and would not associate with them nor take any interest in anything they've created. Loro is using what he's learned from these things to invent something that could be helpful in bringing peace to the world. He also has very strong psionic powers that can be used to shoot a wave of energy or create a shield. Although Loro enjoys his solitude, he is still somewhat lonely.

Loro was in the woods gathering food one day when he found a young Oni child named Cirrus. She appeared to be abandoned and severely traumatized. He took her into his care and has been hoping to find her family. Although Cirrus is mute, Loro can use his psionics to sometimes read her thoughts. The two have a very strong bond and both are unaware of the irony of their friendship: After Loro had left Zara's army, Zara commanded the lizardmen to hunt down and destroy all Onis, as he believed in a prophecy that declared the Onis would bring about "Doomsday" on Phainein.

Loro's weapon is a gargantuan halberd called "Death Angel". His psionic powers allow him to read minds and see into people's souls. He can always tell when someone is lying, no matter how good they are at it. He is about 21 years old.

Character Design Notes: Loro is a character that was created for The Minerva Project. He was somewhat-based on the webmaster of that site. He was a lizardman who had a human form and strong psionic powers. Ever since TMP folded, I've co-opted the character and have gotten various ideas for him. (I no longer consider the current version of the character to have any connection to the person I originally based him on.)

The new version of Loro does NOT have a human form. This is due to the change in the character from being native to Renuldar-Star, the world of The Minerva Project, to being one of Zara's lizardmen minions on Phainein, the world of The RAU Gallery. However, I will still post the old "human" pictures here anyway.

Loro in the RAU Gallery: When Nucleo McRaven, Image Arcane, and Honen Calzoun were pulled into a time warp to 1995 caused by a disc-read malfunction on an old hard drive, they discovered Loro and Cirrus living in an old junkyard in the past. Honen's initial reaction to Loro is extreme distrust. He's fully aware that lizardmen were responsible for the attack on Oni Island that nearly wiped out his entire race. Loro is completely unaware of any of these events since he had left Zara's army, and is slightly-offended at being associated with them, but he remains surprisingly patient and amiable.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Archaeological Thingamobobical Part 2: The Edge of Yesterday

Human version of Prince Loro from The Minerva Project. Loro no longer has a human form in the new series, but I like this picture, so I'm putting it up anyway.

Colorized image of The Minerva Project version of CRASHER. Loro is right in the middle.

B&W version

Lizardman Loro

Color-enhanced Loro that I finally extracted from my old Acer's hard drive.

Elemental Chart. Loro is representing Zara's lizardman race.

Prince Loro's human form. That one got pretty infamous around the community several years ago. It's not as good as my other drawing of Human Loro because I was just beginning to experiment with a different style. I sort of wish I still had a copy of the original scan of this because even though it's only been a few years since I drew it, it's already gotten quite beat up.

This is an unfinished sketch of a younger version of Loro in human form. I reused this same basic pose for Eddy Blythe in the TMP CRASHER group picture.

First sketch of Loro's human form that I ever drew! It was done for my Advanced Cartoon Class in college. Although both the human and lizard forms of Loro became well-known around The Minerva Project, I never posted this one to the internet before now because of how badly misproportioned it is. Notice the irony here? My drawings of Loro that are less realistic and more "cartoony" in their proportions look better than the ones I drew according to class instruction. Of course, this was a first attempt, so I wouldn't expect it to be perfect, but either I'm just not good at the 7-heads thing or that class didn't really know how to teach it well.

This is a very far-from-finished sketch of a young Loro (lizardman form). I can't finish it now because the drawing is too old. It shows one possible way I go about designing and drawing characters, though. Sometimes, I do the stick figures first. Other times, I just dive right into the drawing without doing a framework.

The exiled Prince Loro with his weapon, Death Angel.

I think this one looks a little awkward.



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