Jade Blythe Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Eddy's twin sister Jade is much more malicious and violent than he is. She is also more competent and has more powerful magic, although her brother's bumbling often still causes her to fail her missions. Although most of the members of CRASHER were duped into thinking that Ghestov's plans will create a better world for them all, Jade could not personally care if they do or don't. She just wants to see action and fight. She loves making her enemies suffer, and will refrain from finishing them off just to see them suffer longer.

Jade's weapon is the Illusiona, a cane with three crystals attached to it that are each imbued with a different kind of magical elemental power. She is about 18 years old.

Character Design Notes: Originally, Jade's design was much different than what she looks like now (she wore long blue robes and had a monocle, of all things), but one night I had a dream about a girl encased in glass that was dressed very similarly to the modern version - in a black and white dress with an unmistakable red bow at the top and an olive branch in her hair. Also, Jade was originally colored more like a desert-elf, but in the dream, the girl was pale white, so I changed her to a demon-elf. I also changed her partner, Eddy, who was a man who could turn into a giant snake. Eddy was just her lackey before, but I decided to make them twin demon-elves, brother and sister, and did away with Eddy's snake form.

Jade in the RAU Gallery: Jade had one cameo appearance in The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts, but I have no plans for any future appearances at this time.

Jade Blythe head

Colorized image of The Minerva Project version of CRASHER. Jade is in the upper-left corner.

B&W version

Jade Blythe sprite

Eddy and Jade Blythe, twin demon-elf sorcerers. (Click for larger image.)

Original B&W inked version.

This was drawn for a cartoon class. The dress is a little weird, though.

B&W version

Jade Blythe POG

Sprite from a group picture.



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