Felona Corona & Whiskey Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Felona is a recurring villain from my old Image Arcane series. She's an incompetent witch who travels around the world on a broom with her cat, Whiskey. Felona has problems with that cat. You see, she once cast a spell on it in hopes of turning it into a powerful monster that would do her bidding, but the spell didn't work. So, whenever the cat sneezes, it turns into something else, but never anything useful. Poor Whiskey often has the shiznits scared outta him by Felona's spells and wild rides on her witch's broom.

Ditzy and tipsy, Felona loves money and alchohol, but she also has a crush on Nucleo and wants to marry him. 'Cleo, however, has no interest in her, partially because she is often mean and cruel to people, especially those she doesn't like, and partially because he has never gotten over the loss of his wife. Simply put, Felona and Nucleo are not compatible, but she doesn't care. Felona's obsession with the professor is indicative of her wild-natured personality: It's "taboo" in the world of Phainein for demon-elves like Felona to be in relationships with mountaindevils like Nucleo. But the "danger" of it is what entices her, and the fact that 'Cleo was once married to a demon-elf has convinced her that she can win him over.

Felona's name is strange, a combination of "Feline" and "Felon", but that's because the original character design was a giant anthropomorphic cat, not a demon-elf. Since this naming scheme is inconsistent with the general idea that demon-elves take names from objects in nature, I explained this as also being part of Felona's rebellious nature: It is believed to be a pseudonym that she personally adopted because she likes it more than whatever her real name was.

Felona's weapon is her witch's broom, which she can also use to fly. Her age is unknown, but she is believed to be in her 30's.

Character Design Notes: In the preliminary untitled episodes, Felona did not have Whiskey, and Felona herself was a giant anthropomorphic cat instead of a demon-elf. I changed her to a more humanoid design for the main series, which I think worked a lot better.

Felona in the RAU Gallery: Other than as a cameo in The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts, Felona Corona has not yet appeared in the RAU Gallery. The character is still alive and considered canon, so an appearance is possible, but not planned right now.

Felona and Whiskey sprites. These are what I call "sprites" because they remind me of videogame sprites. They're smaller, low-detail versions of the characters that give me an idea of what they look like. I often use these as a basis for drawing the larger, more-detailed versions

Felona Corona having difficulties with her shape-changing cat, Whiskey. I don't know how this one is even physically possible, but it's probably best not to ask.

Same scene, different drawing. I don't know why I drew it twice.


Felona Corona sprites.


Whiskey sprites in several of his different forms.

Felona and Whiskey flying around on their broom.

Sideview sprite.

This is the oldest drawing of the human version of Felona Corona that I have. In the original Image Arcane comics, Felona was a giant talking cat. While I was fond of the cat design, it presented some awkward situations. Her infatuation with Nucleo was creepy instead of funny, and it made little sense why she was taking orders from Zephyr Arcane. I decided to redesign Felona as a demon-elf, and this was the first draft I came up with. Later, the dress would be changed and the cape removed, and I gave her a witch's broom and a sidekick, Whiskey the cat, who served as her familiar.

Another Felona on her broom with some bonus sprites.


A couple of Felona heads. The left one is older and was done around the time I developed her demon-elf form. I attempted to streamline her face to make it less "chubby" in the picture on the right. Also added a spider to the necklace.

Whiskey POG (although his name was censored.)

Yet another Felona head.

Yet another rare back view of an IA character, this one, oddly enough, is Whiskey.

Large group sprite picture. Felona is in the second row from the top just left of center.


Another Whiskey



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