Eddy Blythe Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Eddy is one of the two twin demon-elf sorcerers working for the villainous CRASHER team. He is less competent than his sister Jade and often bumbles their missions. He is probably the single most useless member of CRASHER. Oh, he has strong magic powers, that comes with being a demon-elf, but he's so dumb he always messes things up. Eddy joined CRASHER because he wants to rule a part of the world, and he's too gullible to think for a moment that Ghestov may not keep such a promise.

Towards the end of the original series, Eddy and Jade momentarily switched sides to fight alongside Chance and his friends against Zimosa when they realized that Zimosa was attempting to change the timeline so that all non-human races would never come into existence. Once the war was over, with Ghestov defeated, they went off on their own to search for fame and glory through some other means. Their bumbling antics were heavily influenced by Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Eddy's weapon is the Doompole, a magical staff with a snake-like dragon at the top of it. The dragon is seemingly alive, yet part of the staff. He is about 18 years old. He is named after the word for swirling currents of water or air, as demon-elves usually take their names from objects in nature.

Character Design Notes: Eddy was originally designed as a man who could turn into a giant snake, but when I changed Jade to a demon-elf, I changed him to a demon-elf, too, and thus did away with the snake form.

Eddy in The RAU Gallery: Eddy has only made a cameo appearance in The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts. Other than that, he is not scheduled to become a main cast member at this time.

Colorized image of The Minerva Project version of CRASHER. Eddy is near the middle of the right side.

B&W version

Eddy and Jade Blythe, twin demon-elf sorcerers. (Click for larger image.)

Original B&W inked version.

Eddy Blythe



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