Desiree von Blueblood Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Desiree is the infamous Baroness and leader of the Quixotic Tigers gang of pirates. She is insane and likes destroying things. She has a penchant for chucking bombs around. Although she leads her gang to gain world fame and fortune, mostly she just likes causing trouble and blowing things up. She would love nothing more than to discover the greatest technological achievement of mankind, and then make it crumble to the ground just for the hell of it. She commands her pirates aboard a giant walking robot made out of parts of old buildings and other junk. However, they often get into arguments and back-talk each other, which, more often than not, causes their plans to fail. Deep down, though, Desiree is not quite as bad as she'd have you believe. In fact, she might be rather nice...if only she could control that nervous twitch that makes her want to break stuff.

Desiree's weapon is a very long sword that she's almost never seen without. She also loves tossing around bombs. I do not know why her particular brand of bombs have a backwards musical note imprinted on them, but they do. Desiree is about 19 years old.

Towards the end of the series, Desiree and her pirates joined Chance's team to help take down Zimosa and the elemental gods once and for all. It wasn't so much saving the world that caused Desiree to join with her one-time was because she wanted to be famous for destroying the Great Phainein Tower.

Character Design Notes: Desiree was a villain created for the untitled preliminary Image Arcane episodes. She was was dressed (kind of) like a WWII pilot and sporting a very long sword. She leads a band of rogue pirates called the "Quixotic Tigers" although she's more into the "burning" aspect of it than the "pillaging". She wears a red cape, a trademark orange tiger scarf, goggles, long knee-high boots, and carries bombs with a backwards musical note depicted on them. She is extremely tall. Sesa Markino once had a crush on her and arguably only briefly joined with the pirates because of her.

Desiree in the RAU Gallery: Desiree had one cameo appearance in The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts. The character is still alive and still considered canon, so a future appearance is possible, but not planned at the moment.


Desiree Blueblood head and sprite.

More Desiree sprites.

Another Desiree sprite.

Desire von Blueblood and a Shnoo

Lizaki and Desiree


More Desiree sprites.

Desiree riding on Marissa

Another sprite.

Desiree is also known as "The Baroness".

Another sprite

Uh yeah. It's a super-deformed Sesa and Desiree hugging. Just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Desiree with her scarf blowing in the wind.

Remember that picture of a chibi-style Sesa and Desiree hugging? Here's another one. This is truly one of the most horrifying things I've ever drawn.

Large group sprite picture. Desiree is in the top row near the middle.

Desiree having difficulties controlling her pirate crew.

Twisty ribbon around her sword...



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