Bazil Kyradius Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Bazil is a rogue Nispatian mountaindevil who is determined to overthrow humans as rulers of the world, as well as any other species that gets in his way. Bazil believes the rest of his kind will come out of hiding and follow him if he can prove to them that he's capable of winning. He has made Nucleo his unwilling rival, and although he respects Nucleo's powers, he detests his association with humans and other races. He wants 'Cleo to join his cause, but vows to kill him if he won't. Bazil will work with others only when it's to his advantage. He sees no reason for those with power to not use it to dominate those who don't.

Chance believes that Bazil might be the one who killed his father, Hirochi. Bazil had an earlier altercation with Hirochi over their rights to be in the Dark Forest. It is believed that the outcome of that argument is what caused Bazil to lead an attack on Chance's hometown.

Bazil also has a son named Talon, whom he often neglects because Talon is weak and can't use magic due to an illness. Since Talon is weak, he cannot help with his father's crusades, and thus Bazil sees him as useless. It would also seem that Bazil doesn't really believe his child has an illness and thinks he just fakes it to get out of doing work. But Talon is about as honest and innocent as one can be, though Bazil interprets it as "wussiness".

Bazil has possession of the Heart of Skiva that allows him to gain control over anyone who is stained with blood from it. He once got control of Chance, which led to an interesting fight scene where his friends had to take him down without hurting him. Bazil's methods are ruthless and sadistic. However, he has a major weakness: he cannot use magic if he can't move his hands in the certain motions. Jack Sheen once took advantage of this fact and got him stuck in a toy finger trap.

Bazil's weapon is a long, metal bo-staff. He uses this because he is too short to fight effectively with a sword. His magic is also so powerful that it's rarely necessary for him to use anything else. He is about 36 years old.

Character Design Notes: Bazil Kyradius is a villainous Nispatian mountaindevil who is Nucleo's chief rival. He suffers a serious design problem: He's dressed very similarly to Nucleo and in some old pictures, looks even more like him in other areas, too. That was the result of a retcon in the storyline. When I decided to keep Nucleo instead of killing him off where I originally planned to, in the very next episode he accidentally creates "Evil Nucleo" by attempting to purge all of Darkona's evil magic from himself. I actually wrote and drew this episode, so that's why I have so many pictures from it. However, I decided it was stupid and pointless, although I kind of liked the "Evil Nucleo" character and thought it would work as a villain if I somehow made it unrelated in any way to Nucleo. I scrapped the episode and wrote a new one to replace it. In the new one, Bazil Kyradius and the entire concept of a Nispatian mountaindevil is introduced. Before this episode, Chance didn't like mountaindevils for no real explained reason, but through a series of flashbacks, he explains how Bazil and his followers led a raid on their town and killed his father.

I put Bazil through a design change to make him look less like Nucleo (he is sleeker, younger, bald, and has longer horns and a tail), but I never really changed his clothing all that much and the only real difference is the leather helmet. If I ever have a need to draw Bazil again, I will have to redesign his wardrobe.

Bazil in the RAU Gallery: Bazil was mentioned in The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts, a sketch which also revealed the fate of this character: He was killed in the original series (twice), which makes future appearances unlikely.

Although Bazil's face and body structure is nothing like Nucleo's, this colorized drawing shows that his clothing still remains quite similar.

Original B&W version.

Bazil is in the lower-right corner. (Click for larger image.)

Bazil separated from the group picture.

Bazil Kyradius holding the Heart of Skiva.

This was a recent recreation of a scene from an old script.

Ink sketch of Bazil Kyradius, whom I've been told resembles actor Tim Roth or Ghaleon from the Lunar games.

I still need to work on redesigning Bazil.



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