Lukyan Degorah Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Lukyan is an ambitious sorcerer who travels the world in search of magical artifacts. Though like most humans, he does not have magical powers of his own, he collects artifacts that have been imbued with the blood of magical beings. Such items will allow a knowledgeable user to cast spells with them. He especially likes getting ahold of things that can make him more powerful. You see, Lukyan is aware that people don't really know just how powerful magic can become. What is the limit? That's what Lukyan is determined to find out. He is completely without prejudice and will challenge anyone, any race, to a one-on-one battle of sorcery to test his skills. He's not out to prove humans are the best magic-users, only that he is. Lukyan has dragged the unwilling Nucleo into a couple of fights because of this, and also challenged Chance for the Sword of Skiva. He has lost every time. Lukyan is obsessive and kind of a jerk. He rather delights in the chaotic nature of the world, and he is not exactly trusted by most people. It is believed that he's secretly amassing power in an effort to conquer the world. However, he might not really be evil at all. He just needs to be convinced to join a greater cause (as he did towards the end of the series when he helped in the fights against Karma, Droma, and Zimosa).

Lukyan has quite a collection of magical artifacts, but by far his favorite weapon of choice is the Thunder Rod, which allows him to harness huge bolts of lightning. He travels around on a flying carpet. His exact age is unknown but he is believed to be somewhere between 25-35.

Character Design Notes: A long time ago, I came up with an idea for a Merlin-type sorcerer who travels the world in search of magical artifacts to become more and more powerful. The name I had reserved for that character was "Nucleo Amadeus McRaven", but I never drew him, and when I created the archaeologist professor, I swiped the name. A couple of years later, I wanted to add that sorcerer to the cast of Image Arcane, so I came up with a new name for him (but I don't remember how I did except that "Lukyan" might have been from a baby name book). Instead of making him like Merlin, I created my own unique design. I'm not sure how I did or what, if anything, inspired it, but what you see is pretty much what I came up with and I have not since altered Lukyan's design at all. In fact, I haven't drawn him in years, long before I left New Jersey. All of the pictures of him in use for the RAU Gallery are all based on old images.

Lukyan wears sorcerer's robes with a striking yellow and black motif.

Lukyan in the RAU Gallery: Lukyan has settled down for the moment at the Grimmora University. Though he doesn't care much for the classes, seeing as how he believes himself to be far too advanced for what they teach, he spends much time researching magic use and history in the library, and "checking out" various artifacts kept in the school. Lukyan, Christopher, and Chester form a "Triumvirate of Terror" for some teachers: Christopher often instigates misbehavior in the classroom, Chester goes along with it because he doesn't know any better, and Lukyan chimes in since he doesn't really give a crap either way.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Adventures in Site Tracking #2: Perhaps I Was Born Too Soon

Lukyan sprite.

Lukyan head.

Kneeling sprite with Thunder Rod.

Lukyan with Gionne in Minerva Project artwork.

Another Lukyan. Not too fond of this one, personally.

Another sprite. Kinda messed up on the arms here.

Lukyan on his flying carpet.

This was done for an advanced cartoon class. I don't really like it.

Also done for the cartoon class. I kept insisting that arm was too long, but the teacher said it was okay. Go figure. Other than that, I like this one.

This is a sprite that didn't turn out so well, but it's a good thing I scanned it anyway because the original got so badly water-damaged in the fire that all the color and ink washed away and the picture turned blue.



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