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Backstory From My Old Comics: Lizaki is a brilliant lizardman scientist and pilot who arrived on the scene when a spaceship he was piloting crashed in the Grimmora Valley near the Mage University. Lizaki eventually became a teacher at the school as the head of the science department. For years, Lizaki kept the details of his origins a secret - he was assumed by others to be a Lizardman, one of Zara's minions, due to his resemblance to that species. But his inability to use any form of magic betrays the truth: He is not one of Zara's minions, but he actually he came from another planet. Lizaki fled his home planet as a rebel and an outlaw because the science and technology that he dabbled in was forbidden there. Although he is good-natured and only wants to use his knowledge for the greater good, he has been branded a wanted criminal and kept his past a secret for fear of being tracked down. However, he has rather come to enjoy his life teaching at the Mage School and works towards getting his spaceship flying again every chance he gets. He is a good friend of Aurora Taglisa, Nucleo McRaven, and Preston Abirok. Space bounty hunters Deuce and Tomi are aware of Lizaki's identity and know of the price put on his head, but they are unwilling to turn him in.

Lizaki has a much more lizard-like structure than even Zara's lizardmen, so he is very flexible, and his movements are exceptionally quick and nimble. He can sometimes slither right up sheer surfaces, walk along ceilings, and hang upsidedown. He carries an extendable spear in the shape of a screwdriver for a weapon, and he also has access to an array of laserguns that were onboard his ship. He is about 46 years old.

Character Design Notes: Lizaki is also a very old character concept dating back to my early gradeschool years. He was a wisecracking, man-sized lizard with a spiked back and welder's goggles. He was originally an RAU character, but made it into the Image Arcane preliminaries and main series as a lizardman scientist who came from another planet. Although I had difficulty figuring out where to place him in the new series, I didn't want to give up on him because he is one of my oldest and favorite characters. I think making him a professor at Grimmora University worked out very well. Several changes and inconsistencies in earlier versions of the character include:

1. In the oldest drawings of Lizaki, he walked on all fours instead of upright on two legs. He was also lacking the white lab coat and instead had a purple bodysuit that only seemed to cover his front side.

2. Lizaki sometimes has a horn on his nose and sometimes doesn't. I prefer the modern "canon" version without it.

2. Number of toes on feet sometimes changes. The modern version has only 2.

Dr. Lizaki is usually dressed in a white lab coat with a utility belt around his waist. He also wears welding goggles constantly. Some drawings depict him with red ribbons tied around his wrists, but the reason for them is unclear.

Lizaki in the RAU Gallery: Lizaki works as a scientist in the East Wing Science and Research Lab at Grimmora University. He is friendly and gets along with just about everyone. He is infamous for traveling around the building by going through the air ducts.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Fixing the Table

A sideview sprite of Dr. Lizaki

Lizaki having technical difficulties.

Lizaki and Desiree. These two were rivals in the old series, but that angle's been eliminated.

This Lizaki sprite looks nearly identical to the one above, but was colored differently.

The picture I used to make Lizaki's current RAU Gallery avatar. One of my favorite drawings of this character.

Here's the old, original version of Lizaki that walks on all fours and has a bodysuit instead of a labcoat.

Sideview sketch of the upright version.

Running with a screwdriver.

Sprite and screwdriver. I like the expression on his face here. It shows his rather good-natured disposition.

Group sprite picture. Lizaki is in the lower left area, right in the middle of a "cross" formed by Cory McRaven (above), Sesa Markino (right), Deuce Koma (below), and Dion Falkor (left).




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