Kiini Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Kiini is the onboard computer of Deuce and Tomi's intergalactic cruiser. He is the only part of the ship that survived the crash and still works. This cat is like a virtual databank of information on criminals, planets, and a lot of other stuff across the universe. If you need to know something, it might be wise to consult Kiini first. Even though it's basically a computer, Kiini has to eat stuff to keep running since he doesn't use batteries or electricity. He's been known to eat things like shoes, curtains, and dinner plates.

Character Design Notes: I based Kiini on a cat-shaped doorstop that I got from some mail-order catalog company. The doorstop is actually an orange tabby, but I liked the way Kiini looked without any color or markings better. A friend of mine made Kiini really popular around The Game Pond ezboard several years ago. The main reason he got put into Image Arcane and the RAU is because I thought the design was so funny that I had to use it, but didn't really know how or where. And a cat with no legs didn't make much sense...unless I used the "it's a computer!" explanation. So, there you go.

Kiini in the RAU Gallery: Despite his penchant for eating valuable items, Kiini is still quite a useful computerized assistant for the characters who work in the Grimmora Science & Research Lab, such as Deuce, Tomi, Lizaki, and Samantha.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts


A couple of Kiini sprites I made with MS Paint.

Kiini is in the bottom-left corner of the group picture. (Click for larger image.)

This Kiini is the one that became very popular around the site and community. It was made into avatars, an animated gif, wallpaper, a topic control image, and various other things.

Chance holding Kiini as he falls from the sky with a parachute.

This was one of my first Kiini sketches.

The original drawing of this Kiini was completely lost in the apartment fire. Good thing I scanned it.

Tomi and Kiini onboard their spaceship.

Animated gif of Kiini eating Troy from "Nonsense War".

This gif of Kiini can be seen floating around the "Later That Evening" page of "Party of the Century".



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