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Backstory From My Old Comics: Jack is a mischievous Waterlily Dragon who is believed to be the last of his kind in the world. He had been terrorizing the town in which Chance and Sesa for awhile, stealing food and money from people. This was mainly because his home town had been raided and destroyed by humans long ago. He was the only known survior and was living alone in the wild for a long time. Sesa and Chance captured Jack after dousing him with water, which made him unable to fly. Jack and Sesa became friends eventually, although he doesn't quite get along so well with Chance, often making fun of him or being defiant of his orders. Smart-alecky, confident, and able to take care of himself, Jack is quite a skilled little bastard in battle, fighting deftly with a dagger in each hand. He tends to be angsty and moody sometimes, especially when thinking about his past. Despite Jack's attitude problems, he is often the voice of reason, convincing his friends not to do things he knows they'd regret later. He still has hopes of someday finding the family that he had been separated from in his youth.

It was revealed sometime during the middle of the storyline that Jack had been captured and experimented on by scientists who were trying to discover the secrets of magical blood. Jack had somehow escaped when the building he was in caught fire, but he didn't have much memory of what happened. However, the government is still tracking him and there is a reward for his capture.

Eventually, Jack convinced the Great Water Spirit, Swan to join the cause in fighting against the Great Fire Spirit, Karma. After Karma was destroyed, Swan witnessed how much Jack and his friends cared about each other and he decided that it wasn't worth making the different species of the planet fight for dominance.

Jack's weapons include two small sai-type daggers both shaped like the letter "J". He also has a normal sword and a strange crystal ball that allows him to cast water magic. (The crystal was created by the Great Water Spirit, Swan, and has been kept by the waterlily dragons for centuries.) Jack fancies himself a ninja, so he sometimes keeps other ninja-style weapons on him, like shuriken and smoke bombs. He is about 13 years old.

Character Design Notes: Holy crap, I could fill a book with the design problems Jack Sheen has caused me over the years. I basically had this idea long ago to have a young boy who could turn himself into a dragon. In his "human" form, he still retained some of his "dragon" features, such as his wings and tail, which he would have to hide by dressing up in robes or "ninja"-like clothing. The problem is that my earliest versions of his dragon form were too "generic" and difficult for me to take seriously. He was basically a green dragon with white feathery wings and blonde hair. I had trouble being able to relate to this form as a character. Jack is rather angsty and moody sometimes, and scenes where he'd be acting like that just didn't work. They'd come across as awkward or comical, even if they weren't intended to be. His human form looked like a bizarrely disturbing cross between Cupid and Hermey, that elf that wanted to be a dentist in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", so that wasn't much better.

Although I did a sleeker version of his human form for The Minerva Project, I have decided to do away with it entirely. Instead of having alternate dragon and human forms, Jack now pretty much has just one form that's not even really a cross between the old forms. It's more of a complete redesign. He is now a white "humanoid" dragon with (very) long pointed ears, blue feathery wings, a long white feathery tail with a blue tuft on the end, and reddish-brown hair. He is wearing the "ninja" clothing and scarf from the old human version. The boots and pants of the newest drawings were taking from the TMP version.

Jack still has the ability to transform into a dragon, but now it's a much larger dragon and can only be done so through Swan's power, not his own.

Jack in the RAU Gallery: Jack has enrolled in the Grimmora Mage University under the tutelage of Professor Nucleo McRaven. While he enjoys the comforts of home and friends there, he does not like the work so much and secretly wishes to roam the world freely again. Jack tends to be a miscreant and pull pranks on the students and faculty. He has a lot of respect for Nucleo, but he still hates Honen Calzoun for the rivalries they've had in the past. He sometimes hangs around with the students who are closer to his age, like Cory and Talon.

First Appearance: The Beans in the Beanbag Chair Are Not For Eating

This is how I got started drawing Jack's human form - doodling him in notebooks. He was usually depicted using a long sword as a "walking stick". My earliest idea for Jack was just a green dragon without a human form, but when I came up with this design, I thought it would be cool if he could change into a dragon and back again. I've pretty much done away with that aspect of him, though.

This was actually the Ultimate Form of Jack Sheen in the old IA series, super-evolved by Swan's powers. That's why he's holding the Water Crystal there. I'm not sure why such a huge difference in his wings, though.

Jack Sheen's human form in The Minerva Project casting a spell. He wore a dark mage cloak in that series.

Jack is to the left of Robin, getting squashed by the cramped quarters of Chester's plane.

This is Jack Sheen's old (green) dragon form. I'll bet you can probably see why it just didn't work. He's kind of dopey-looking. He's another character who had a two-toe design like Honen Calzoun and the earliest version of Nucleo McRaven.

The Minerva Project version of "CRASHER". Jack Sheen is in the upper middle row. The reason he's with CRASHER is because my storyline for that series began with Jack being used by them for his magical powers. He eventually switched sides after being rescued by Deuce Koma. As I've said many times before TMP's storyline really was completely unrelated to anything in the old Image Arcane series.

Jack Sheen Minerva Project version sprite. The weird thing I've noticed about my sprites is that they don't change much in style or quality over the years.

Head and sprite of Green Dragon Jack.

Another notebook doodle of human Jack walking with a long sword.

Modern version of Jack, basically built from the later IA version and TMP version.




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