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Backstory From My Old Comics: Image Arcane is the wife of Nucleo McRaven, mother of Cory, and a strong demon-elf sorceress, archer, and swordwielder, as well as a resourceful archaeologist. In their youth, Image and Nucleo had been on many adventures, and they grew up together at the Mage University in Grimmora. Although her father, Zephyr Arcane, was strictly against her having a relationship with a mountaindevil, she disobeyed his orders. Intelligent and inquisitive, she simply adored Nucleo and shared his fascination with the wonders of the ancient world. The two of them truly, deeply loved each other, even though in the world of Phainein, it is generally considered "taboo" for their two species to be involved with one another as such. She also had a powerful sword that was one of a kind - never has one like it been found anywhere else in the world. (In fact, it is the Sword of Skiva, which was forged from the fallen god's body.)

Image was lost in a battle with the Elemental Lord of Fire, Karma at the Aridian Tower. Her sword, which had been thought destroyed in that fight, somehow later came into the possession of Chance Tomasaro. Nucleo was determined to learn as much about the towers and their connection to the Great Spirits as possible so that he could some day defeat Karma and avenge his beloved wife's death. Although Nucleo believes that she was murdered, the actual events that transpired at the tower on that day are a bit hazy and uncertain.

Although I kept this secret during the time when I thought I might try to rewrite the whole series, I finally decided that I had to reveal this in order to write the current series: The truth is, Image Arcane didn't actually die at the tower. Nucleo thought Karma killed her, but in fact, he transformed her into Sol, the Dragon of Destruction. As Sol, Image remained in a catatonic state for 6 years until she was rescued and returned to her normal form. Nucleo and Image had been set up when they went to investigate the tower and it was Image's own father, Zephyr, who had requested that she be sent there to be turned into Sol.

Image's main weapon was the strange Sword of Skiva that had been specially forged to fight against the Great Spirits, although she was unaware that that is what it truly was. Because she had engraved her name onto it, it became known as the "Image Arcane Sword". She also has a bow that is shaped like two entwined snakes. She is about 38 years old.

Character Design Notes: Although Image Arcane is the title character of my old comics series, she spent most of its duration trapped in Karma's Fire Tower and believed to be dead. Therefore, I never drew her that much. Pretty much all of my old drawings of her are just conceptual art and sprites. Because of this, I had never really settled on a distinct design for her until I actually started writing the RAU Gallery. The design I chose most closely resembles the last few sketches of her that I had drawn before leaving New Jersey. This is a red-haired version wearing a green tank-top, safari shorts, and sneakers. Dr. Arcane also appears in the form of the great red dragon, Sol.

Image in the RAU Gallery: Image Arcane had been rescued and returned to her true form near the end of the original series when Karma was defeated. However, her memories have been completely scrambled by the long ordeal. She remembers some things, such as her love for Nucleo and her daughter, but does not recall anything that happened while she was in the form of Sol. She is recovering at the Grimmora University where she continues to both teach and take classes. She has regained some of her youthful energy and Nucleo is very happy to have her back. Because she missed a part of Cory's life growing up, the two feel somewhat distant from each other, but their relationship has been getting stronger lately.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Fixing the Table

This head is the one upon which I based Im's most current design. The funny thing is, back when I originally drew it, that clearly looked "female" to me. But knowing what I know now about how "feminie" male anime (and other cartoon) characters can look, it appears androgynous. That's the main reason I had to readjust it.

This sprite is also where I drew inspiration for the current design. I keep forgetting that she had that invisibility robe/cape thingy.

My defunct "massive group picture". Image Arcane is sitting down in the middle of the front row between Cory and Zumo. (Click for larger image.)

Elemental chart depicting what Great Spirits are responsible for creating what Phainein species. Image Arcane is representing Karma's Demon Elves.

POG of Sol, the Great Red Dragon that Image Arcane was turned into via Karma's power.

Young Image Arcane and Nucleo McRaven

Color version of above drawing.

One of my older, conceptual drawings of Image Arcane. This one's really "bleh". Too generic.

Young Nucleo and Image Arcane riding on Marissa.

Image Arcane with her family on an expedition.




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