Crow Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Crow is an avian and cantankerous old wind mage. He is also a long-time friend of Aurora Taglisa and the headmaster of the Mage University of Grimmora. He is old, but still has powerful magic. He is a grouchy old bird who didn't like or trust Nucleo for the longest time, but gradually grew to accept him, although he has trouble admitting it. When Nucleo had gone missing on an archaeology mission for about a year and finally returned, Crow told him, "I knew someday you'd bring ruin to us all. I just didn't think it would be after you were dead." (This was in response to the professor for bringing humans to Grimmora for the first time in hundreds of years.) Crow also despises Christopher Paladin because he sees the young desert-elf as lazy and irresponsible and doesn't like his class clown antics. Crow kind of wishes he could settle down with someone and retire, but all of his romantic ventures have gone awry - a bit odd considering that he laughed at Aurora for admitting that she wished she could have a child (which was part of her motivation for adopting Nucleo).

Crow does not use any weapons, he strictly relies on his magic. He is about 82 years old.

Character Design Notes: Crow was originally conceived as a villainous character in my old elementary school sketchpads and notebook doodles. He was a robed crow with powerful magic. Since he appears in Image Arcane and the RAU as the headmaster of the Grimmora Mage University, he is not really a villain anymore, but he is rather cantankerous and curmudgeony. He is also very untrusting of certain species, such as humans and mountaindevils, which often puts him at odds with others. Still, I don't think Crow is a completely unsympathetic character. He's just difficult, sometimes.

Crow's robes sometimes change depending on when I drew him. Originally, he had a brown mage cloak with a hood. Sometimes, I colored the cloak red instead of brown. The more modern version has light blue robes with a pointy wizard's hat. Also, sometimes Crow's beak, legs, and feet are black in the old drawings. The modern version's are yellow. Finally, some older versions of Crow are much shorter than he should be. I'm not sure why that happened as he was originally drawn to be very tall, then he became short somehow, and then I started drawing him taller again.

Crow in the RAU Gallery: Crow continues to work as the Headmaster of the Mage University. Many of the other students and faculty don't take him very seriously, though.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Adventures in Site Tracking #2: Perhaps I Was Born Too Soon

This is one of the most modernized drawings of Crow that I have.

Here are some more sketches of Crow casting spells. Some of these were probably done for one of my cartoon classes.

Crow sprite. A little more elaborate than my usual sprites.

Another Crow, either casting a spell or doing a Judo chop. You decide.

Crow screaming his head off at Christopher Paladin after the young desert-elf's spells caused an overflow of popcorn in the University.

Crow prowling around.

Head and sprite

Older version of Crow. He was originally supposed to be quite evil.

Notebook doodle with weird ankh things around his arms.

Crow representing Aira's Avians in an elemental chart.



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