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Backstory From My Old Comics: Cory is the young daughter of Nucleo McRaven and Image Arcane, thus she is half mountaindevil and half demon-elf. Cory is young, but very stout-hearted and confident. She can handle herself in tough situations very well. She has a strange ability to communicate with, and sometimes control, certain animals and monsters. Being one of Nucleo's top students, her magic is powerful, but she's still too young to properly handle and control all of it, so sometimes her spells backfire in unpredictable ways. Although she had crushes on Christopher and Chance in the past, she is now very close friends with Talon Kyradius, often tutoring him to help make up for his lack of education.

Cory often serves as a counterbalance for her father's "darker" side. When he starts to feel depressed or hopeless about certain situations, Cory has a way of bringing him around. Her energetic nature is sometimes too much for Nucleo to handle, so they occasionally get into some funny arguments, but they still love and respect each other very much. Some of the flashbacks to when Cory was even younger provided some comic relief. However, she often projects an air of maturity far beyond her years.

Cory's weapon is the Lunar Token, a small magical wand with a weird jewel attached to it in such a way that it can swivel around the ring at the end of the rod. She is about 12 years old.

Character Design Notes: My original plan with Nucleo McRaven was to kill him off early in the series, but when I started to like the character and decided to keep him, I added Cory to the cast as his daughter. She was an interesting design challenge because she is half mountaindevil and half demon-elf. My goal was to make her resemble both of her parents, yet still be different enough so that it would be hard to identify her race if you didn't know them. Giving her the structure of a demon-elf with the coloring of an Aridian mountaindevil solved that issue quite easily (although the ironic result is that she could pass for a desert elf.) Several changes and inconsistencies in earlier versions of the character include:

1. The most notable is the large pink bow in Cory's hair in some older drawings. In retrospect, I have no idea why I put that there and wish I never did.

2. Everything else is just minor alterations and technical improvements. Cory hasn't really changed much in design over the years because I was pretty happy with what I came up with.

Cory's standard attire is an Aridian outfit that consists of a magenta shirt with pink-sheened "wing-like" sleeves draped over it, baggy pants, and curly-toed shoes. Sometimes she also wears a dark mage cloak from the Grimmora University. It is a brown cloak that will make her appear "shadowy" when the hood is pulled over her head.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Grimmora X Geo

Cory McRaven Conceptual Art

Cory McRaven Storyboards

Cory McRaven Modern Sketches

Honestly, I can't tell what my oldest drawings of Cory are. Since the quality of the artwork fluctuates so wildly, just looking at them doesn't tell me much. So, I'll basically just put these in whatever order I feel like it.


So, we'll start with some low-detail sprites.


The second picture also has sprites of Roxanne, Sesa, and Starla.


And next, some head drawings. The middle one is Cory's original RAU gallery entry picture from the old series.


Two sketches of Cory's Lunar Token weapon. One is solid wood while the other depicts a gold ring attached to the crystal.

And we finally start to get a complete concept on paper. The proportions on this one are extremely awkward. I surmise it might be one of my first full-model Cory sketches.


The left one is similar to the above, but has much better proportions. The left drawing is a large print based on the early model art.


Rejected ideas: The right sketch shows Moonshy and Cory together. Cory is wearing a bandana. She is not wearing this in any other drawing I could find of her. Although Cory's magic is a combination of Dark and Fire (which she inherited from her parents), her possession of the Lunar Token gave her access to Lunar magic, which explains her ability to control monsters. The left drawing of Cory has a color scheme closer to that of Nucleo's. I apparently rejected that palette because I really didn't want it to seem like she was dressing the same way as her father.


Some more random sketches that were not drawn for specific comics. The one on the right is actually from a college art sketchbook.


I suspect the one on the left is one of my earliest drawings of Cory, probably meant to show her height in comparison to Nucleo, their family resemblance, and her alternate Dark Mage cloak attire. The right image is Cory tucked into a spinning roll, but it was water-damaged in an apartment fire.


Left is a pog done for an art project, but it was also water-damaged. Right is a Cory sprite riding on a nondescript dragon's head, drawn too unfortunately close to the edge of the paper. Perhaps meant to display Cory's power of controlling monsters.

Old rough sketches of Tomi, Chester, Jack, Nucleo, and Cory. Cory is taller than Nucleo, so the suggestion is that she's older here. Looks like Minerva Project era.

Can't find Cory is this group sprite picture? She's on the left side, near the middle, just to the right of (Dark Mage) Nucleo.


Non-Canonical Stuff: These two sketches depict a sprite of an adult version of Cory dressed as a Final Fantasy White Mage. The reason I did this is because I named my White Mage "CORY" the first time I played Final Fantasy.


And these drawings of Nucleo and Cory in baseball uniforms were done around the time I was playing Extra Innings. I named two players on my custom team "NUCLEO" and "CORY". The first picture of Cory alone has suffered a lot of wear and tear.

Cory McRaven Storyboards 1



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