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Backstory From My Old Comics: Calico King is a large cat-like monster wielding a mace. He is one of the Major Demons that patrols the world under the command of Darkona, the Great Spirit of Darkness. But Calico King really isn't all that bad. He'd rather not be a servant and just be free to sleep all day and fight when he pleases. He likes Cory, and his friendship with her is what convinced him to finally defy his superior. He is a strong fighter and powerful ally. It is believed that he was once a normal Aridian mountaindevil who was super-evolved into his current form by Darkona's immense powers.

Calico's weapon is the Mace of Demons, a large spiked ball on the end of a chain (which kind of resembles sausage links). His age is unknown.

Character Design Notes: The Calico King is a character that I obsessively drew over and over again in my notebooks during my high school and college years. He was a giant, cat-like demon whose body consisted of spherical parts. Many of my drawings show him in a similar or the exact same pose. (I now have reason to believe his design was directly inspired by the Luncheon Counter Monster from The Muppet Show.) I eventually stuck him in Image Arcane as a servant of Darkona who befriends Cory McRaven. Several changes and inconsistencies in earlier versions of the character include:

1. Sometimes the Calico King has large bird-like wings, but most of the time they are not present.

2. In some pictures he sports a collar, in others he has a long white tie around his shoulders, but in most he has no neckwear at all.

3. Number of toes sometimes changes from 3 to 4. Three is the standard.

Calico in the RAU Gallery: Because he doesn't talk, Calico King doesn't show up too often. Only Nucleo and Cory are capable of understanding him. He hangs out at the Mage University as a guard and sometimes participates in Lizaki's science experiments. Most of the time, he just sleeps, though.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Nucleo's Greatest Discovery

Calico King sprite with a closeup of the Mace of Demons.

Rather weird drawing of Calico King with Stefan and Deuce.

Calico King's original RAU gallery picture.

I used this to make his current RAU Gallery avatar.

Calico King with Stefan and the Banshee.

Notebook doodles of Stefan and Calico King.

Another notebook doodle.

This drawing of the Calico King is so large, I had to scan it twice and stitch the two images together.

Last version of the "massive group picture" before I stopped working on it. Calico King is in the back row, near the top middle of the page. (Click for larger image.)

Calico King with the McRaven family on an expedition.




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