Victor Markino Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Dr. Victor Markino is Sesa's father and a once well-known and respected doctor of medicine and inventor. Victor was a long-time friend of Chance's father, Hirochi Tomasaro. He was present the day Bazil's army invaded his hometown of Phoresa and killed Hirochi (and a lot of other people.) Although Victor does not like the idea of hating a species, the incident left him with a phobia of mountain devils. He moved far away from the town and became reclusive - a trait he had somewhat of a tendency towards anyway, and is probably one of the main reasons for his divorce. Sesa does not know his mother as he was raised almost exclusively by his father. Although Sesa and Victor care about each other, they never quite see eye-to-eye on some things and have thus grown apart. Victor also curiously chose to ignore Sesa's psychic powers, as though he didn't believe his son really had them.

Chance had also known Victor when he was growing up and sort of saw him as a "secondary father". It is through Victor that Chance learned some things about medicine and first aid. However, sometimes the gang still has to consult Dr. Markino when a health problem or injury is beyond their capability of healing. Christopher was once taken to Dr. Markino for a bad case of pneumonia. Victor even had to overcome his fear of mountain devils to help both Nucleo and Talon, which he liked doing since it gave him the opportunity to be the first human to learn about the normally-reclusive species. Victor Markino is about 39 years old.

Character Design Notes: Dr. Victor Markino is Sesa's father, so he kind of looks like an older version of him. My archive of Victor Markino pictures is very limited. He wears a lab coat, tie, and a giant red scarf around his neck.

Victor in the RAU Gallery: Victor does not work at the Grimmora University. He has retired to his lab in the mountains, which he rebuilt after it was trashed in the original series. Sometimes, the other characters still consult him when in need of medical care and advice. Chance gets the medicine that Talon needs to keep from having seizures from Victor.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Overlord Woes

Victor's original RAU gallery picture, also used for his current avatar. He's not a major character, so I didn't feel like making a new one.

Front view sprite

Another sprite with Moonshy (Moon Spirit) and Drago King (Sun Spirit). It's the only other Victor Markino picture I still have.



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