Taura Ása Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Taura is a psionic girl who can levitate, amongst other minor powers. She is a trusted friend of the falconer Song Savis. Although she was never in any Image Arcane episodes that were actually drawn, I did find a script that had a scene that went something like this:

Taura and Song had rescued Christopher and Nucleo, who had both been attacked and knocked unconscious by a group of Nispatian mountaindevils, somewhere near the Grimmora Mountain Range that separates that continent from Nispatia. Taura was trying to tend to Nucleo's wounds, but Song kept screaming at her to "get away from that monster, it can tear you to shreds if it wakes up!" But Taura kept defying her anyway, and she chastised Song for calling him a "monster" and other derogatory names. But neither of them were sure if Nucleo and Christopher were friends who had been traveling together, or foes who had been fighting each other, so they separated them into different rooms and chained Prof. McRaven down, on Song's insistence that the mountaindevil probably attacked the desert-elf. Luckily, Nucleo carries a card in his pocket that identifies him as the head of the Archaeological Department of the Grimmora University, which was enough to convince Taura that he probably wasn't evil.

Song and Taura were exact opposites in character, yet still got along really well. Song is cynical and world-weary. Taura is blissfully naive and innocent. It was probably for this reason that I wrote this scene - it was simply a "what if?" scenario: What would different people do if confronted with this mysterious situation? Taura and Song were a part of Chester and Robin's airship crew until the ships were blown apart by Droma.

Character Design Notes: I have seen two distinct versions of Taura in my archives. The design for the modern version currently in use for the RAU Gallery series is a combination of both older versions. Taura appeared in a few of my scripts, but was never in any episodes I actually got around to drawing. Therefore, all of my old images are sprites and conceptual art. The design changes to the modern version are mostly technical improvements. Taura usually wears a red and white kimono with a yellow floral pattern and black leotards

Taura in The RAU Gallery: Later in the original series, Taura hooked up with Sesa Markino, who had decided to continue traveling around the world. Since Taura also enjoys the carefree, traveling lifestyle, she went with him, while her longtime friend Song Savis decided to settle down. During the times when Taura stays at the Grimmora University, she works as a nurse in the infirmary. She is still very good friends with Robin Calypson.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: One Giant Leap For Mankind

Version 1 Taura performs a levitation trick alongside Stefan Ferguson. Song Savis got cut off to the left there and the rest of the picture is missing. (I'm guessing it's because Song wasn't drawn too well.)

Sprites of child Sesa and Version 2 Taura.

Finally, Version 3 Taura. This is what I used to make her current avatar.



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