Raymond O'Malley Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Raymond is a humble ferryman who's main claim to fame in this series is that he once survived an attack by a rogue tiger. The tiger tore off part of his pants, and Raymond used an old cloth pirate's map, which he didn't think was real, to repair them. It turned out the map was real, and it got him into a lot of trouble with Desiree's pirate gang who wanted it. So, the man who was attacked by a tiger now found himself being hunted by the Quixotic Tigers. Can you believe this guy's luck? Raymond was only in that one preliminary episode and was never used again since until I started writing The RAU Gallery on this site.

Raymond's personality is very childlike and naive. No one really knows why this is. He also tends to get nervous around people and will throw things at them if he starts to distrust them for some reason.

Raymond isn't much of a fighter (it's a wonder he survived the tiger attack), and the only "weapon" he has is the pole with the bell on it that he uses to paddle his ferryboat. (He claims it is a "Magic Bellstaff".) He is about 23 years old.

Character Design Notes: Raymond is one of the oddest cases of a character choice for the RAU Gallery. The reason why is because this character never appeared in anything besides one episode of the preliminaries to Image Arcane. I don't really remember why, but I registered an ezboard account based on him and made a joke out of not remembering what his personality was like. So I started just acting really goofy and naive with him and he got automatically included in the series as a result of converting those topics into the first few sketches. I don't need to go over design changes because he hasn't had that many and they're mostly just technical improvements.

Raymond wears a white shirt, a torn red scarf around his neck and shoulders (with one end of a yellow scarf sometimes visibly hanging out from under it), and a blue fez-like hat. Yes, I know fez's are normally red, but his is blue for some reason. He still wears a pair of torn jeans with a patch made out of a cloth pirate's map.

Raymond in the RAU Gallery: Despite how little I used Raymond in the series, his character went through somewhat of development arc. In the first few sketches, he was rather meek and naive, but starting with "The Temple of Lost Ezboard Posts", he decided to set out on a quest to find a better personality. Much to Deuce and Tomi's chagrin, he went about completing his goal by stealing their moonbuggy and driving off to the Game Pond. When Raymond realized he was capable of making his wish for a new avatar come true all on his own, he realized his personality was not so weak after all and gave up his plans to get a new one. His whereabouts now are unknown, but he was spotted once in Christopher's hot air balloon.

First RAU Gallery Appearance: Nucleo's Greatest Discovery

Group sprites. Raymond is in the upper left corner.

Raymond POG.

Raymond sprite.

Another one.

Raymond head.

Raymond paddling his raft with his bellstaff.

Close-up of Raymond's bellstaff.

Color version of Raymond's head.



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