Zimosa Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Zimosa is one of those types of characters who starts off being on the good guys' side, but eventually ends up becoming the main villain. Many centuries ago, Zimosa had been given the technology to create the seven towers by the Great Spirits of Time and Space. He constructed them as a solution to the world's energy problem, not realizing that he was actually being manipulated into setting up the entire planet for a colossal evolutionary experiment. When the main tower malfunctioned and set off the great cataclysm, Zimosa was shifted to the future by a resulting time vortex. Horrified by the changes and destruction made to the world by the towers and concerned that humans will become extinct, Zimosa made it his mission to travel back to his own time and prevent the disaster from happening. He believed he could recreate the time vortex at the main tower, but he couldn't gain access to it both because of Droma's takeover and also because the android he created to work there, SAM, had gone missing. So, instead he needed to get the keys from the other six towers and also find a means of defeating Droma. This led him to team up with Chance and his friends after learning of their victory over Spectre at the Nispatian Tower. Eventually, when he revealed his true intentions, he went off on his own.

Though Zimosa's cause was to prevent a disaster and save the human race, achieving it would most likely mean that all of the new species that had been created as a result of the cataclysm would cease to exist. Even human characters, like Chance and Sesa, were concerned that if history was altered, the chain of events leading to their own conception could be jeopardized. This left the climax of the series with a really tough moral pull: Whose world should be saved? Zimosa's world in the past, or the current world? You can probably guess which one I went with, but I imagine it could be a subject of much debate. Most time travel plots don't really focus on any moral dilemmas that could be caused by tampering with the past or the future, so it was something I wanted to deal with. Unfortunately, my writing sucked, so even though I had an interesting idea (maybe), my execution was extremely poor.

Character Design Notes: I don't have too many pictures of Zimosa left that are postable. My old artwork was really shitty and Zimosa was a character who suffered some of the worst. I don't really know how to describe what I did to create the design, I just winged it and what you see here is pretty much what you get. He looks kind of effeminate, although I probably didn't realize I was doing that with him back when I was that young.

Zimosa in the RAU Gallery: Zimosa was killed in the original series, so a future appearance is unlikely.

Zimosa is in the bottom left corner of this group sprite picture.


Zimosa head and sprite.

Zimosa sprite.

Zimosa POG

Another rough sketch of Zimosa's head.



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