Zephyr Arcane Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Zephyr is the father of Image Arcane and the Demon-Elf King. He disowned his daughter after she fell in love with Nucleo McRaven, the mountaindevil archaeologist. (This is considered "taboo" in the world of Phainein because mountaindevils are often brainwashed into being slaves for Demon-Elves, and also because Demon-Elves see themselves as being the most superior race on the planet to all others.) Zephyr had wanted to punish his daughter for disobeying his orders to stay away from Nucleo, but Karma convinced Zephyr to utilize her to serve a higher purpose instead. Zephyr agreed and allowed her to be transformed in the fearsome red dragon, Sol.

Zephyr is known for being ruthless, yet highly-intelligent and calculated. He quietly organized his demon-elf army in preparation for world conquest. Karma promises the demon-elf race eternal life upon victory. Zephyr has given trouble to Felona Corona in the past because of her incompetence.

Zephyr is so passionate about his loyalty to Karma and his belief that his race is superior to all others and will rightfully dominate the world, that he will go to inconceivable lengths to serve his fiery god, including sacrificing his own daughter for the "greater cause". Upon learning the truth about what happened to his wife Image Arcane at the Aridian Tower, and that it was at the behest of her own father, Nucleo became enraged and told Zephyr that there was nobody on the planet that he hated more than him. Nucleo, knowing the truth about what the elemental gods really are, tells Zephyr, "You're worshipping someone's science experiment!" "You're a servant of a deposed god who doesn't know his place in the world," was Zephyr's reply.

Zephyr's weapon is a very large club that consists of three spiked balls. He is about 75 years old, but since Demon-Elves don't age as fast as most other species, that's still rather young.

Character Design Notes: Zephyr is one of the few demon-elves who has wings, due to his advanced evolutionary form. I don't really remember too well how I created his design, but I think I basically just came up with the idea of a demon-elf who was larger, more "buff" and had more monster-like appendages (wings, tail, horns, clawed feet, etc.) than most other demon-elves.

Zephyr in the RAU Gallery: Zephyr was killed in the original series, so a future appearance is unlikely.

Zephyr Arcane head

B&W version

Sprite of Zephyr Arcane and a close-up of his club.

B&W version

Zephyr Arcane POG

Zephyr Arcane in a group sprite picture.



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