Zara Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Zara is the Elemental Lord of Monsters, Animals, and Beasts. Zara can change into multiple forms. He can control many types of animals if they don't have enough intelligence of their own. He rules the Tower of Arkantos and his direct servant is the sorceress, Roxanne. Zara is one of the nastier gods, as he despises all humans and any species that resembles humans. Instead of using humans, he evolves animals into more humanoid-like forms, such as the catpeople, beastmen, dragonmen, and insectoids. Their armies have already overtaken the entire continent of Arkantos. He also beat back Swan's army and has forced him to retreat to the confines of his dilapidated water tower. However, one thorn in Zara's side is that some of his minions, led by Scry Salvadore and Wildclaw, have become disloyal to him and a civil war movement has already begun. The rebels hope to break free of their servitude to Zara so that they can establish a more democratic form of self-government.

Character Design Notes: Zara can change his form into any animal he wishes, but his "true" form is a ferocious cat-like monster with horns and a tentacle-like left arm. I do not remember how I came up with this design.

Zara in the RAU Gallery: I never finished the chapters involving Zara in the old series, but he would have been defeated by the end of it. Therefore, an appearance in the new series is unlikely.

The Great Spirit of Beasts and Monsters, Zara.

Zara POG (his name was Zara Nima at one time, but I shortened it.)

That staff is the one that Roxanne uses, and it's based on one I actually owned that was part of a Halloween costume.

One of my original drawings of Zara, the Great Beast Lord. He doesn't look like much of a "god" here, (and in fact, that may not have been his originally-planned purpose) but I was really young when I drew this.

Elemental Chart. Zara is the Beast Spirit. He has possession of the Arkantos Tower, which is located in the depths of the continent's massive jungles. He is responsible for creating many of the beastmen that roam the world, including the lizardmen (Loro), catpeople (Scry Salvadore, Wildclaw), and insectoids (Cykada, Roxanne). It should be noted that Dr. Lizaki is NOT one of Zara's minions because he came from another planet.



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