Wyvern King & Nebula Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: The Wyvern King and Nebula (which is the name of the symbiotic fuzzball monster that lives around his neck) were created around The Minerva Project era, although I never got far enough into the storyline to introduce them. They were featured in some of the official artwork I did for the site, though.

Character Design Notes: The Wyvern King is depicted as a very tall bipedal red dragon with vestigal wings on his arms. He has two rows of three horns on his head and blue mohawk between them. He is often seen wielding a chain sickle. A fuzzy symbiotic creature named Nebula is wrapped around his neck. Because I never finished any stories involving these characters, I don't have an explanation for why they have a symbiotic relationship and nor do I have much to say about their personalities.

Wyvern and Nebula in the RAU Gallery: These two have not made an appearance in the current series and there are no plans to use them at this time.

Wyvern King head and sprite.

Wyvern King, Saber, and Jack Sheen in official TMP art.

Wyvern King and Nebula. (I don't know why I didn't color in the chain sickle.)

Unfinished sketch of Wyvern King and Nebula

Another unfinished Wyvern King and Nebula



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