Ulysses Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Ulysses is a robot created by the Zyrconian scientist, Dr. Lizaki. Lizaki can install adaptors on Uly that allow him to transform into other machines, such as a jet and a motorcycle. This idea was most-assuredly inspired by the original Transformers cartoon. (Probably the only reason there wasn't more Transformers influence on my work is because I was completely alienated by the changes made in the third season of the cartoon, and then the show seemed to just disappear after that.)

Character Design Notes: There are a couple of different Uly designs, including one that has a horned head and one that doesn't. I haven't drawn him in awhile, so I'm not even really sure what he's supposed to look like, canonically-speaking.

Ulysses in The RAU Gallery: Ulysses has not yet made an appearance in the current series and there are no plans to use him at this time.

This is the Minerva Project version of Ulysses.

The IA version of Ulysses is in the bottom right corner of this group sprite picture.

Roadkill Harry and Ulysses



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