Stefan Ferguson Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Stefan was once a kind-hearted priest, but the harsh ways of the world made him despondant and lose his faith. He joined Ghestov sometime after the Aridian Apocalypse, in which he was thought to have been killed. Although he had very strong faith at one time, he was treated like an outcast and mistrusted by many because of his ability to change into a fearsome demon-like form. When the Seven Towers malfunctioned hundreds of years ago, the resulting cataclysm ripped the world apart and caused various mutations amongst many lifeforms. Stefan's alternate form, which runs in his family, is believed to be one such mutation. He has large retractable blades embedded in his arms in both forms. (It is most likely that his specific mutation is genetic evolution caused by the Earth Demon, Beorthe.) He was once a friend of Nucleo and Image Arcane.

Stefan is obsessed with killing Christopher because he blames the Paladins for the tragedy in Aridia and will not risk seeing another one ascend to power (even though Christopher is nothing like his father and has no interest in the throne, anyway.) Although Nucleo is shocked to find he is alive and working for the enemy, he believes that Stefan is not truly bad and the good priest who was his friend still exists.

Stefan's only weapons are his armblades, which he uses quite effectively for both attacking and guarding. He is about 55 years old. He is also a powerful magic-user.

Character Design Notes: Stefan Ferguson was one of my favorite Image Arcane villains. (I liked him so much I actually made him a hero character in The Minerva Project.) Stefan was a priest living in the Aridian Kingdom who was harboring a deep secret - he was actually an earth demon from Spochella. He was able to hide this fact because he has distinct "human" and "demon" forms. Stefan had turned his back on the Stone God, Beorthe, due to his disagreement with some of his practices. He preached the ways of Skiva and Leohtiss instead, but lost all his faith when Karma obliterated the entire city, killing most of his friends and followers.

Though Stefan survived the attack, he went on to join CRASHER. He had been friends with Nucleo McRaven when they lived in Aridia, but became his enemy both because of his association with CRASHER and also because of his obsession with wanting to destroy Christopher Paladin, as he blamed the Paladins for the destruction of Aridia.

Stefan is very tall and wears long black robes. He has silver hair and blades embedded in his arms. In his demon form, he has darker hair and skin, and large bat-like wings.

Stefan in the RAU Gallery: Stefan was killed in the original series, so an apperance in the new series is unlikely.

Stefan sprite.

B&W version.

Stefan Ferguson brandishing his armblade.

Stefan Ferguson again. That appears to be Song Savis who got cut off to the right of him. The strange levitating girl is Taura Asa, and she was a friend of Song Savis.

Stefan all morphed out into his demon form.

Stefan, Deuce and the Calico King, but this one is a 10 on the "WTF Scale". I don't have any idea why I drew those three particular characters together like this. And their relative heights don't seem correct to me, either.

Calico King, Stefan Ferguson, and the Banshee.

Notebook doodles of Stefan and the Calico King.

Young Stefan Ferguson. Either he had severe problems keeping those armblades under control, or he's some kind of rebel and did that to his shirt on purpose.

Kneeling Stefan sprite

My favorite picture of Stefan that I've drawn.

More Stefan stuff.

Stefan Ferguson head

Young Stefan Ferguson

Stefan Ferguson sprite

Another Stefan sprite

And another


Stefan reading a book.

Not one of my better drawings.

Stefan Ferguson notebook doodle

Older sketch of Stefan's head

Um. It's Stefan...with Chance...but I'm at a loss to explain what's going on here.



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