Spyre Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Spyre is an owl that rides on the shoulder of Seth, the dream spectre. He appears to be a very minor minion of the Dream Lord, Droma, yet is not malicious. However, his appearance changes constantly. He almost never looks the same way twice. Sometimes he is brightly-colored and almost cartoon-like. Other times, he looks darker and more sinister. It is believed that the appearance of Spyre indicates the nature of the dream he and Seth appear in. If he looks cartoony and friendly, the dream is a good one. If he appears in his darker form, it will be a nightmare.

Character Design Notes: Spyre is a character that was borne from notebook doodling in school classes. This accounts for why he almost never looks the same way twice. I was always making him look different with each doodle on purpose. One thing common to almost all versions are the weird antenna like projections on the top of his head.

Spyre in the RAU Gallery: Spyre is not in the current version of the series and is not planned to make a future appearance at this time.

Notebook doodle of "friendly" Spyre.

Color version of friendly Spyre.

B&W version.

Elemental Chart. Spyre is representing Droma's nightmare demons.

Spyre notebook doodle.

Notebook doodle of Spyre in his somewhat-more-serious form.

Another Spyre, less-serious version.



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