Spectre Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Spectre is the Great Elemental Spirit of Plants. Spectre controlled the Nispatia Tower that lies within the Dark Forest near Chance's hometown. He is the one responsible for possessing Snakeroot and turning him into a monster of formidable strength and size. Unknown to Chance, Spectre had been causing the water in the wells and soil of Nispatia to dry up, forcing many people to leave and turning his village into a ghost town. Although still a dangerous threat, Spectre was one of the least powerful of the Great Spirits and was defeated was defeated by Chance, Sesa, Jack, and Nucleo with the Sword of Skiva.

Character Design Notes: Unfortunately, since the episode Spectre appeared in was a very early episode, my designs for Spectre were rather sucky, so I don't have too many pictures of him. I'll need to eventually redesign him.

Spectre in the RAU Gallery: Spectre was destroyed in the original series and will not likely appear in the new one.

This is what Spectre looked like in that episode. No wonder he was so easily defeated.

Elemental Chart. Spectre is the Spirit of Plants. He has possession of the Tower of Nispatia, located in the midst of the Forbidden Dark Forest. He created the various forms of sentient plant life that exist on Phainein. His minion, Snakeroot, is one of them. His occupation of the tower is drying out the wells of the nearby village, Phoresa, where Chance Tomasaro and Sesa Markino live.



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