Snakeroot Scrapbook

Backstory From My Old Comics: Snakeroot was once a humble, though bizarre-looking, mutant snapdragon. He merely wanted to find a quiet place to live where he wouldn't be attacked by humans or other monsters, which led him to the Nispatia Tower. Once inside, he was immediately possesed by Spectre, the Great Plant Spirit, and turned into an elemental lord of destruction. He slept for many years, gathering up energy, but was awoken when Darkona sent the possessed Nucleo McRaven to take the tower from him. Snakeroot was brought down by Chance Tomasaro with the Sword of Skiva, which drove Spectre from him and returned him to normal. Grateful for being saved and spared, he took up residence in the garden behind Chance's inn where he tends to the plants and helps them grow. Chance was initially worried that Snakeroot would eventually eat him or one of his friends, but Snakeroot has actually proven to be a trustworthy friend, gardener, and watchdog.

Snakeroot uses various different weapons. He has an axe, a sword, a vine with thorns that he sometimes carries around his neck, and a giant "hobo" pouch on a stick that's full of healing herbs. His age is unknown.

Character Design Notes: Snakeroot, like so many others, is a character who originates with random sketching and drawing in old elementary school sketchpads and notebooks. He was a giant plant-like monster who was somewhat inspired by snapdragons and venus flytraps. Snakeroot's design looks very similar in most drawings, although eventually I started drawing him with four arms instead of only two. Snakeroot was the saxophonist in the old RAU band and a minor character in Image Arcane. (He was mostly featured in the beginning episodes where he fought Chance, Sesa, Jack, and Nucleo while he was still under Spectre's control. Once freed and returned to normal, he took up residence in the garden behind Chance's Dragon Palace Inn and remained there for the rest of the series.)

Snakeroot in the RAU Gallery: Snakeroot is still alive and considered a canon character, and I even had an avatar (seen above) planned for use in the current version of the series. However, I was unable to figure out how to fit him in and I couldn't come up with any ideas for him, so he was left off the cast listing for now. Only time will tell if I ever use him again.

Old drawing of Snakeroot giving a thumbs-up. This is from before I started drawing him with four arms.

Weird little sketch of Snakeroot sitting, um...crossrooted...and performing some kind of magic spell.

More sketchy pictures of Snakeroot.

Shadow and Snakeroot sprites.

Snakeroot chasing a butterfly.

Snakeroot head

Snakeroot sprites

Head and sprite

Snakeroot's original RAU gallery picture.

Snakeroot with a fireball.

Some more sprites.

Another Snakeroot sketch.

Another picture of Snakeroot in a similar pose as above.


Two pictures of Snakeroot holding a vine around his shoulders.

Here's a rare back view of an IA character.


Two really old sketches of Snakeroot. He's one of my oldest character designs.

Snakeroot is in the upper-left corner holding Tomi and Deuce aloft. (Click for larger image.)

Elemental Chart. Snakeroot is representing Spectre's plantmen race.

Large group sprite picture. Snakeroot is in the bottom left corner.

It's Casimer, Harken, and Snakeroot in the RAU Band! Few things express the insanity of my misguided youth more profoundly than having a band in a silent comic strip.

Snakeroot in a super-powerful form as a result of being possessed by the Great Plant Spirit, Spectre.

Don't ask.



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